The purpose of this Blog!

I am trying to point out that conflict permeates our lives hence our inability to interact with each other in a mutually beneficial manner. And this outward conflict arises due to a basic internal conflict. Our conflict extends to the environment, incredibly we destroy what sustains us. Conflict will not yield until we uncover the source and conflict will not end until we end it inside of ourselves. I have not done this for myself, yet I feel compelled to keep writing in essence because it is part of my effort to end the conflict inside of me. It is because we are in conflict that humanity suffers, and the scale of this suffering is a source of great human sorrow and it is growing exponentially from moment to moment. I am not claiming that I have an answer rather I am pointing out our need to find one. I think the source of all our conflict is, feeling/believing that we are separate from the environment and each other. Our conditioning tells us that we are as individuals alone, and separate from nature. It is something to ponder the root meaning of the word “alone”, it actually means, “all one” I think we have invented and sustain a division where none actually exist. Every blog post I write has this fact at its core. Humanity under empirical observation is living in an unnatural state one pitting humans against their environment and each other. Consider that right now innocent children around the world are being hated by grown adults simply because of their nationality or ism, something the child had no choice over. Soon the children will be poisoned, adding to conflict. This is our world, it is sick.

I would like to offer some background about myself to give the reader some perspective on the writer, without too much elaboration. First though I have been called a cynic and I won’t deny the accusation, in the light of the definition, that a cynic is someone that believes human conduct is always motivated by [self interest]. Even the meekest philanthropist in helping others nets a [good] feeling for doing what they feel is right, it doesn’t have to be the main reason for their philanthropy. We will return to “self interest”. I grew up very poor with parents that frankly were in way over their heads, they should not have had children. It was therefor natural to end up with the classic “poor boy inferiority complex”. Perhaps the worst thing that happened to me in growing up was that I was told by nuns and priest that god loved me. (Let me explain) I simply concluded that in not having what [seemingly] everyone else had, that god loved others and perhaps even hated us. (Why deprive us?) Life was hard, hunger, poor clothing and housing yet it was the daily humiliation and embarrassment and the unguided reactions to life itself, that hampered my development and made living painful. Things may have turned out differently if the people around me had the insight that a young mind subjected to abuse should not be left on their own to conclude, why. I would be remiss in not adding the fact that I had no inherent ability that would allow me to deal with this situation and the many problems it presented. I had other issues that exasperated the already unhealthy situation.

The unguided reactions to life is something we all experience to a certain extent, this simply happens because educators and people in general do not understand life. Hence the search for meaning and understanding, for some this search encompasses an effort to comprehend their deity. The implications of what I am saying are profound, in that we do not have an understanding of what life is and how we as humans fit into the grand scheme.Yet in spite of this ignorance we reproduce. Should we make more people that will add to and make greater the divisions that already exist. Humankind at some point being a intelligent collective should have planned population growth. Empirical observation clearly demonstrates that our adaptation to life, inevitably lays the ground work to hand down conflict from one generation to the next. What is being pointed out here is that humans have taken a wrong turn. What was a local movement of incoherence has evolved into incoherence on a global scale.. I find it incomprehensible that anyone could possibly conclude that life as we are are living it is the outcome of coherent minds. yes there are segments of the population living lives of satisfaction inside a frame work of overall incoherence. And one is compelled to ask as part of humanity are these people callous indifferent to human suffering?? If we were intelligent and took a coherent approach to living, life would, of necessity be getting easier for the majority instead it is getting harder. On a planet where, intelligence guided the actions of its inhabitants, would millions die in wars and from starvation? Would intelligent people expend vast resources in an effort to ensure mutual annihilation? Not one person would agree to breathe polluted air the fact that we all do clearly demomstrates incoherence. The soil where we grow our food and the water that sustains life are both contaminated with toxins and pharmaceuticals and we do not test for the majority of the chemicals we produce, past and present. We are literally poisoning ourselves.

We are caught in a behavior pattern that has resulted in global suffering, currently there are an estimated 65.6 million global refugees more than after world war two, more than the entire population of Britain. This is a clear symptom of global insanity. We have conditioned ourselves to accept what is truly unacceptable. People are reproducing inside camps for displaced people, something that defies comprehension.

I could go on for some time depicting the incoherence of humans, for now though I think I’ve made my point. Everyday there are efforts to improve the human condition and some are moderately successful, however the trend of society is an avalanche of unstoppable ignorance. The reason is that we never get to the core problem. So we keep, keep plodding away making tremendous efforts to change without succeeding, never stopping to ask ourselves why aren’t we succeeding. If you don’t recognize this behavior pattern, let me remind you – it is how we define “insanity”.


The other day while hiking in the woods about a mile from our house I caught a glimpse of something, the immediate area was thickly wooded. What is that, I thought? A creature walking erect like a human but with a loping kind of gate. It was covered in long straggly dark brown hair about seven feet tall, it was (seemingly) unaware of my presence. What ever it was appeared not to be foraging more like intent on going somewhere. I am not sure why I decided what I decided but I set out to follow it, and besides I had my side arm, incase I was discovered and attacked. Admittedly though I had a tinge of fear. 

The last fifteen years of my life have seen quite a bit of hiking in ruff terrain and I have acquired a bit of stealthiness. Also this day had not yet seen my shower, so I was fairly unscented. I let the the creature have about a thirty foot lead, I had to be careful I did not want to lose the trail. The trees and undergrowth where pretty thick, it had rained recently and that helped with remaining quiet. Before long though I started  feeling a bit uneasy because I thought that I’d lost the trail, then suddenly I became aware of a foul, a very foul stench. Until then it never even occurred to me that I’d come across Bigfoot, as in Sasquatch. I felt a wave of disappointment for now I was even more disheartened, that I would not get to snap the first really clear picture of the beast with my camera equipped cell phone. I stood frozen not making a sound trying to detect its presence. What seemed liked a long time yet only a passing minute brought the sound of a snapping branch and what I knew to be the sound of someone running,”its getting away I thought” Then I realized the sound was getting louder, it was running toward me but it was so thick I couldn’t tell from which direction. You guessed it, I didn’t know which way to run. I drew my firearm, I had three clips “(magazines) totaling fifty-one rounds, yet I was still shit scared. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of it closing in on me, now I could run and run I did. I had no desire to shoot it. I ran faster than I thought I could with my heart pounding. Before long I reached a small clearing and I stood still, listening for its approach. A silent stillness hung  over the woodland, nothing was moving not the slightest breeze or sound of a bird chirping. I stood in the eerie silence I could feel my heart beating. Suddenly I heard it, a deep bellowing laugh the likes  of which I have never heard before. The laughing got louder and then the pitch changed, slowly fading away. I knew it was gone. I was disappointed that I did not get a picture, yet something happened, realizing that I had come into contact with a mystery, something that until now was folklore. I wondered if I should even tell anyone about what happened, people will say I am crazy or just looking for attention. Who wants to appear crazy? With that in mind and for the sake of complete  honesty,I must make the reader away of a few other facts. 

I am receiving treatment for a chronic pain condition at a local clinic. In an effort to combat the ever increasing pain I take an opiate pain blocker. Just recently I started taking along with the opiate a drug used to combat depression it also seems to provide pain relief in some patients by blocking certain neural pathways. These drugs produce a wide range of side effects in patients and my partner Maria has informed me, that I can get pretty weird from the latter types of medication. There’s more, four days ago I watched a short film about Sasquatch sightings. (Please stay with me) I know how this sounds. I was not hallucinating. I firmly believe that what I saw that day was Bigfoot. I am not one of those people that are obsessed with unexplained mysteries or the occult. I know what I saw. If only I’d gotten that picture. I even went back to the area looking for some sprigs of hair on a branch so I could get a DNA test. Nothing. It had rained again so there were no tracks to photograph.

I decided to write it down hoping that would trigger something that I had forgotten. I have been thinking that I should put up a trail cam and I intend too, along with more hikes in the area of interest. I keep thinking that it has to live somewhere, yet it certainly doesn’t want to be found. The Bigfoot’s have avoided humans for their entire history. I can’t say  that I blame them. We would probably hunt them or put them on display in Zoos. Worse we would probably go as far as using them for drug testing or strap them into automobiles in place of crash test dummies. As these thoughts formed and became embedded in my consciousness, it suddenly occurred to me what I must do. I would draw up plans to initiate a species protection plan under the auspices of the “endangered species act. Here is the real kicker, I knew I couldn’t fail. Why you ask? It is very simple I will inform the State government that I believe that I saw Mr. Sasquatch while hiking in the woods. There it is, a slam dunk. 

Off to the State offices where I met with a high ranking official and proceeded to make my demands. I reiterated the beginning of the story you are reading and relayed my plan for protection of Bigfoot under the Endangered Species Act. When finished I asked “when the law would take effect”? The look that came over the face of this official was very hard for me to read, and I pride myself on knowing the species. It was no doubt a combination of emotions, the strongest being (just a guess) incredulity. Then maybe “get out of my sight” followed up by “you F*#king lunatic”. He had not yet herd my trump card. I cleared  my throat then initiated my explanation as to why this would become state law and quick. 

As I began he rudely interrupted me and said “ do you honestly think that we are going to enact a law to protect something that no one has seen except you? Our state does not base law on the premise that someone believes they saw something or feels something exist. I produced the smuggest look that an Oscar winning actor would envy when I let loose with the most profound statement ever uttered in these hallowed halls. Well, sir I stand firm, his eyes and a hand gesture entreated my response. “Do you believe in god”? I asked. He said “of course, why? Well I said “have you ever seen him”? Eyes bulging he called security and they escorted me from the building. Tonight when you go to bed, don’t forget to say a little prayer for Bigfoot. “Little, Big” tell me that’s not a sign. I will take this to the Supreme Court and if that doesn’t work, I’ll go to the Hague! 

DT AKA Bill Rogan

Determinism and our True Nature!

This is the result of a discussion I recently took part in.

For the sake of a possible potentiality, let us say we agree that Determinism is tentatively  an accurate depiction of the state of human affairs, human life.  Now though, we have transcended thought, thereby melding with our true nature. We use thought when necessary in the same way we would use a wrench, as a tool to accomplish a task. We no longer live the illusion of a thought based reality. (things that can be determined) We now live directly with “what is”. Thought is silent, the mind is not separate from the energy that imbues the entirety of all that is, the universe. Now what has set determinism in motion, is seen for what it is, i.e.  a process in/of matter. Without matter there can be no thought. Thought is a process of matter, brain waves arise in the matter that constitutes our synaptic connections. That is where determinism operates. Determinism could NOT produce silence*, no-thing is being determined (in silence). Further the first moment of silence could not imbricate to more silence, (an absence of thought). However determinism could arise from silence, both as a concept and as a reality. In fact it has at least, conceptually. Thoughts arise without choice sometimes taking control, it is awareness that derails this activity. Is determinism something that thought is conjuring up or is thought itself and what is being thought all predetermined?  [Is] whether or not we answer this question predetermined? We must leave open the possibility that the answer is ” We do not know”. Not knowing seems a waste of determinism. What else of the unknown has been predetermined to evade our knowing?  Okay perhaps only knowledge/events are predetermined. Is it possible to find out if everything is predetermined? That would, of course be predetermined (if the theory is true) as would not finding out.  Even if all of our actions are predetermined we cannot as I said “just go sit in the corner”. We must live our lives doing what we think and feel we should be doing. So even if everything is predetermined we must act out our role. That is what we are doing playing a role and we know the lines perfectly, just not consciously. < ? (WOW FACTOR) Perhaps a more intelligent and analytical mind could clear this up for us!. (That depends right)  Or perhaps an enlightened being is one that has stepped out of the role. This aligns with my thoughts about, how silence cannot be determined (no content) and when we, start from the beginning (of time) it would appear that there would have to be energy and consciousness because without those there would be nothing too forecast, nothing to make a determination about. The point though is that something had to set determinism in motion and as conscious beings we can look at our fate and make a predetermined determination. This determination could be right or it could be wrong. We are stuck again, with not knowing. We are trying to find out if determinism is real and “finding out” or “not finding out may have been predetermined. If I find out that all my actions are determined then finding out has gained me, what? If I can not determine if I am predetermined then what have I gained?   Am I getting anywhere? Everything that has happened can not happen any other way because it has already happened. (obvious) It is only the present and the past that are predetermined the future isn’t – YET.  The determinism of “ the unknown” is problematic in that a monumental effort to compile data along with the intentional obstruction of data are necessary and  seemingly a  monumental and moronic waste of effort, trillions upon trillions of variables are at play. Why not just let the chips fall where they may? Hang in there I have a few more good points I hope! 

 The human mind has the ability to be silent (not just an absence of noise) This silence is the same silence that pervades the universe. It is comprised of an intelligent energy, this is our essence. I think/feel this to be true. – When our body dies, our essence remains, we are eternal and if determinism is actual then we are part of what set it in motion. An enlightened being has stepped out of the stream of thought based reality, all that is predetermined. The enlightened being is in tune with the ‘actual’ the timeless intelligent energy of creation.  (Stay with me)

How do we know that there is something beyond the process of thought (determined or not) therefor beyond the matter that makes thought possible? In other words ‘A’ “ground of everything”? Consider: Everything we see in the universe is finite in other words everything is transient, it has no independent existence. Having no independent existence it can not be all that, is. ( makes sense) Now if everything we do is predetermined, then we are really just machines and we can not make mistakes. ( mistakes are only contextual) This does not ring true for my mind and what we empirically observe. We have as a species made a grave mistake and that mistake is that we’ve taken our thoughts for the actuality of all that exists and existence itself. In making this mistake we have set in motion untold suffering through the inventions of religions, gods, nations, all kinds of isms. Much, much worse our mistakes have prevented us from uncovering what is actually true. And, we have divided that which is indivisible. The word individual means that which cannot be divided, and look at us, we are divided both internally and externally, ad nauseam.  We as humanity have made this mistake and the truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way. (key point) It is up to us to change this mistake and that rules out determinism. A decision is needed here,  and saying that if we do make a decision, to go right or go wrong, was predetermined then determination is subject to our making a decision. Again negating determinism. We need to make a conscious decision. Here we see unequivocally the need of awareness, an awareness that allows us to see the human condition exactly as it is. We are not aware of the actual severity of the human problem. We are beset with the notion that if we solve the problems that have arisen through our ignorance that somehow all will be well. We are failing to realize that the problems we are facing have arisen because we are not seeing things as they actually are. The decision we need to make is this “we must stop pretending that we know things that we don’t actually know.  A global population oblivious of the human condition is a disaster unfolding right here right now. Call it a wrong turn and it initiated from the the time when humans began to ponder their existence. We stay the course because we can not see anything beyond what our thinking has uncovered. It is not difficult to observe the limitation of our thinking along with its divisive nature. If we can come to understand that we are not seeing things as they actually are then it becomes possible to see into our true nature. Until now we have used thought for our identity and our actions. Thought cannot provide our true identity for a very simple reason. Thought is just a representation of the actual thing. Your thoughts about another person are not the actual person. So we see now that in order to see things as they are, our thoughts about things must abate. What will remain is life itself. Be Still!  Now something more profound, if we fail to wake up, then what set everything in motion will not be affected. We are not the reason the universe exists, we are a small part, a very small part of all that is. This to me is up lifting, putting us in our place. If we perish by our own hand the universe won’t even blink. Now there is something else, in the event that humans are here when Earth is engulfed by the sun (we did not become an intergalactic species) and we are enlightened then we will not fear our end. We will already be one with all that is, thus returning to our true nature,ending as a civilization, will be fine. A happy ending after all!

Now, [yes] Now is the key to all this. In truth there is no past or future there is only an eternal now. Time in part, is the movement of the eternal now, along what is called the “continuum”. Thought is creating an illusion, that is what thoughts are. Here is what is confounding about our illusion “it is real” taking place with-in the actuality of existence. Too meld with our true nature can only take place in the “now”. Thought projecting a me that is in the now is just a brain wave (the real illusion). “Now”, can not be experienced when thought is operating. If (the mind) can just be still then, what is, will transform us, ending the divisions that cause us to suffer. The Bible states it like this. Be still and know that I am god. Not quite how I would phrase it, however ‘Be still” is the message of an enlightened mind. The reason we suffer is because, thought operating from a base of ignorance has separated us from nature, all that is, god, call it what you like.

*  Deep silence, thought is still. Mind is.


First, I don’t want you to think that I am claiming to have any special knowledge or insight into life/death. I do not. Second I want you to think about how we as people understand things. First there is intellectual understanding an example is the way you understand,- perhaps, the plot of a movie or a book you are reading. Then there is deep understanding an example of this would be the way you feel  – love,  (  not sexual) you are touching, experiencing more deeply. The important thing here is the realization that we can understand at a deeper level. In some ways it is intuition. There is no division between these two levels. When our body dies what we are our true nature is just there, death is not required to waken to our true nature. 

So what is death? The body dies and we want to know if there is anything (of us ) that transcends death. Yes there is, it is our very essence. Consider what life actually is, it is a force and much more, life cannot die just the body dies. When (the body) can  no longer hold or support life, then our body dies — life leaves it. However that life is still, — well, alive!  

Now we may look at this as having some negative aspects because what we identified with “our body” is no more. However that is a view from our impermanent side. Our permeant side, what we actually are was not born nor will it die. Life is eternal. Yes we came to love the people close to us, however the big picture is [life] and how it manifest in many different ways. We are all part of something immense something beautiful, we are not loosing as individuals rather we are expanding into a unified movement.

So if we reach a deeper understanding of what I just explained intellectually, then there is no separation. We are actually aware of the eternal in us, how can we have this awareness, without dying? Suppose someone said to you, that if your  mind wasn’t out of control, then you would be able to reach this depth, of understanding. The secret is to be aware, just aware.  In awareness you will notice that thoughts just arise without choice. Se hat is going on, don’t try to stop it, just be aware, that is all it takes. It is not easy the mind keeps churning away, we are so heavily conditioned. I think it is a shocking  moment when we understand that we are not in control of our own minds. What we are taking for actual life is mostly our thinking, conditioned by people that did not know what life was.. As long as this goes on we cannot be fully alive. 

I hope that I have explained this in away that you can have the intellectual understanding. The deep understanding is up to each of us. Be still, the silence is calling. God is the silence, it is very deep — it is an immensity. Do not believe, find out for yourself.

Don’t think that you cannot do this everyone can. You are already this you just need to realize it. Watch your thoughts, they last just mil a seconds and they are gone, and we take them as actual life, they are not. I am not saying we should not use thought we should – however when we actually want too. The intellect allows us to see the limitation of the intellect. Going beyond is not an act of will, the mind and its consciousness is part of life, there are no divisions. Our thoughts have created divisions where none exists. 

It is incredible how simple it all is. We were conditioned by people that did not understand life. They invented explanations and in doing so reduced our existence to mostly petty nonsense resulting in immense suffering. It was not meant to be this way. Our bodies are vessels and they contain, the wondrous the eternal movement of conscious life. 

Our time has come, to awaken and leave the silliness behind. Be still and let the beauty, of life in.


Artificial Intelligence & Right & Wrong

Before I begin I want to make it clear that I am only pointing out the empirical observations and tentative conclusions of my own mind.

Recently I was told that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could never match human mental ability simply because we can not program a machine to decide the difference between right and wrong.This means that right and wrong are not contingent upon clearly defined parameters of intellectual knowledge. The reason for this is that human interaction is a dynamic process with potentially unlimited possibilities. Situations will always arise that could not have been foreseen and the arguments about justification for our actions are seemingly endless. However complexity prevails: The ultimate reason that AI cannot be programmed to make right or wrong decisions has less to do with these facts than this actuality. We (humanity) do not ourselves know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Right versus wrong are just variable potential courses of action that have arisen in the human psyche and resulting conditioning. I say variable because what is right for some is wrong for others and these variables fluctuate across a broad spectrum of human behavior. This is true because we are taking part in something we have no basic understanding of. i.e. (Life) The notion of right or wrong are the outcome of a lack of clarity, which is clearly displayed in our never ending conflicts about what is right or wrong. If it is a decision a process of knowledge whether to inflict pain or not to inflict pain on someone, you are just [confused], right and wrong is just nonsense. A clear mind knows it should not cause pain, there is nothing to decide. Enter: Justifiable homicide, – in no way makes the taking of life a right action “someone is doing something to kill you and you kill them to stop them. ( two wrongs don’t make a right)* This for humanity makes something right (justifiable) which in truth can never be right. It is the limited field of our consciousness that allows us to think something we intuitively know to be against our nature, is somehow justifiable. We have programmed ourselves to think and act in certain ways because we do not understand (life) what we are. Think of this you are watching the sun rise and as the rays enter the atmosphere they fall upon a church, a university and a government building. The sun rise is what is actual, the three buildings are part of a human reality. The church is there to worship the creator, of which there are many, the university is there to try to understand the creator and the government is there because the first two aren’t succeeding. Yes the government has other duties but its primary function is to wage war. We wage war with others because we differ on what is right and what is wrong. There are as many examples of what is right and what is wrong as there are minds, to decide it. Even our Supreme Court is alway split, as our the gods we have. And when you, (hopefully) “see clearly” then you will see and understand that there is nothing to decide. A clear mind knows it should not do harm to others. A clear mind knows that it is not separate, it is one with all that is. It is because we do not have a relationship with the divine* that we’ve invented morales and the concepts of right and wrong. How then do we reach “this” understanding? Since you are already “this” you must stop “doing” and just be silent, the rest will happen. Sit and be aware there is nothing more important.  


* I use the terms right and wrong because they relate to our way of thinking, they are embedded into minds. Outside of the human field of consciousness they have no relevance. They are part of the total human delusion, that is, that we are projecting a realty because we are not aware of our true nature. The fact is that we are indeed creating this delusion and the twist is that the illusion is real, it is a reality (reading further) like the church, university and the government building. So I am using the words right and wrong from inside the concept of the illusion and not the actuality of our true nature where right and wrong are not actualities. 

  • This term “Divine” is a descriptive word that I have used in the past. I want to point out that I recently listened to a video by Sadhguru, where he used the term “divine” and that triggered me to use it here. I’ve referred to “our true nature” in many other articles. It is not my intent to plagiarize Sadhguru in fact I am recommending that everyone listen to him. He appears to have a deep understanding of the movement of life and a very wonderful method of passing that understanding on to us. Below is a youtube title that explains all you need to know. It is not a link you will need to search for it. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of listening to him. 

The REAL Spirituality IS The Shift From Mental Activity To Life That You Really Are! Sadhguru


A person does not set out to be a leader, the people understand that certain individuals can see or accomplish things that most of us can not. Leaders are selected,  because they have a sense of life beyond themselves, therefor a leader is willing to think and act for more people, rather than just him or herself.*    

Our current President is a narcissist somehow everything is about him. He will do anything to hold on to power not because he is trying to help the people of the United States but because he is using the office to benefit himself. He has not delivered on most of his campaign promises and he is back once again spewing the same lies. If there is anyone still supporting Mr. Trump after all the damage he has done to our country, to the very idea of human decency, then they are naively ignorant or they have criminal intent. The methods Trump is using to divide the people are not new, many dictators have used them. Listen to him, he is always attacking someone or telling people why they should hate certain people or entire nationalities or races, this is not a leader, it is a tyrant. 

The fact that many Republicans and members of Fox News have condemned him for his actions is a clear indication of Trumps ill will toward our country. Even Judge Napolitano has condemned Trumps illegal acts. In an effort to hold power Trump has compromised the very institutions that we need to defend our freedoms from people like Trump. I understand why Trump was elected (our government was sold to the wealthy) however he himself since taking office has made everything that was bad even worse much worse.  Trump is hurting all of us, including the very people supporting him. Trump is a bumbling imbecile and he is making our country a global laughing stock, and much much worse, he is contributing to global instability. Trump belongs in prison and the people that support and enable his criminal activity also belong in prison. Imagine getting nearly 400 million dollars given to you and going bankrupt, not once but 6 times. Trump always brags and praises himself, referring to himself as “a stable genius”. If he were really rich then he would be broadcasting his Tax Returns all over the media. he would  not miss this opportunity. He is still lying about Russian interference in the 2016 election. It is common knowledge now that the Russians did interfere and on one occasion Mr Trump even asked them too. “Russia if you are listening please get Hillary Clinton’s E mails” If you support Trump and are objective then ask yourself how you would treat a democrat that did these things. You would want that person out of office immediately. Trump should be out immediately and we all know it. 

DT AKA Bill Rogan

* Words spoken by Sadhguru, in a recent talk. I have edited them to suit my statements.

A Brief History of Humanity!

How we got here on this planet is of course part of our history. It is an ongoing debate as to how this occurred. We have science and religions offering explanations, saying that you favor one view over the other puts you at odds with the opposition. These opposing camps are in themselves diverse and there can be civil discourses all the way to violent confrontations between them when trying to prove their point. These confrontations have become part of our history. Till this day if we are truly honest we will ultimately have to admit that no matter what evidence we’ve uncovered no matter what we believe, we still do not know the how and the why. Science has narrowed it down thus we are facing “everything from nothing”, but no how the transition occurred. Religions have faired no better they have whittled it down to “god works in mysterious ways”. The obvious state of humanity is “not knowing” and saying we know prevents us from looking further. In all honesty much of humanity’s tumultuous history has arisen out of disagreement over what we truly and honestly do not know. Institutions and countries have actually resulted from these divisions, the United States owes its beginnings to the Pilgrims who fled Europe seeking religious freedom. If we trace the history of many of our current nations you will uncover a religious foundation. 

Therefor it is a perfectly logical extrapolation in concluding that the basis of our global society is founded on structures that are the result of erroneous opinions. Our global history and current situation actually lend credence to this conclusion. We have endured thousands of wars with millions dead, starvation claiming millions more, all while we destroy the environment that sustains us. The stream of human consciousness is caught in a trap of its own making. We have turned reproducing into our raison d’ être, it gets worse. Once children are here we have nothing to give them except the world we’ve created in our ignorance. Our children are realizing that we are making more life without understanding it. We think we are advancing while our lives are becoming more arduous and stressful, which indicates we are oblivious. We are desensitized accepting the unacceptable. Until we recognize things as they are, do what you will. Nothing changes, our truth is “we do not know”.

The Divided States of America!

My fellow Americans: Those words no longer impart the all inclusive feeling that they did just a short time ago. What if anything is different about us than just ten years ago? Without a doubt the once robust middle class is shrinking and the divide between the haves and the have nots is reaching extremes. These are manifestation’s of what is happening to us. I think we must recognize the difference between being led and being manipulated. Our government is under the control of big money. Laws are actually written by corporations for the corporations benefit and put into effect by our legislature. Tax dollars are given to corporations for research  and then the corporations gouge the American consumer. We can no longer say “Our Government”.  Mark Twain said “it is easier to fool people than to get them to admit they’ve been fooled”  We have been fooled and we’ve been deceived. In truth there is little difference between us now than there was ten years ago. Yes there are extremist but they are always with us. 

The major difference today and what is fueling the divide is our leadership, and it is both major parties that have not only divided us but have solidified the divide. Party loyalty has superseded loyalty to the country, the people. Until this is rectified our situation will not only not improve it will worsen. The reason it will worsen is like an avalanche because the deteriorating situation has to be continually fueled with negativity. This is what our leadership is doing. Why would they do this? The objective is to hold power this allows access to the Treasury. It is that simple they are stealing our money. Real money billions of dollars are at stake. Leaders should unite the people they do not fuel the divisions. When things are going good you don’t see all this in fighting. Our attention is diverted and problems are being blamed on those that are not in any real power to cause the problems attributed to them. Election’s are not likely to bring the needed change, fortunately they are not our only option. Non violent force through demonstration will work only it must be organized. We should all do everything in our power to take back our government before violence is the only solution.

Bill Rogan, AKA Dung Teller

Acworth, NH 

Rush Limbaugh/ The Medal of Freedom!

If one is religious, then this conclusions follows. “God has had enough of Rush Limbaugh” Further if you listen to Mr. Limbaugh then God just might share this cancer with you or someone you care about. Time for Limbaugh to repent and apologize for leading the dim witted on their pilgrimage of idiocy. Amen! I am not religious, so I am just surmising as too how they might feel about Mr. Limbaugh’s condition.

The social cancer that is plaguing our country and the world for that matter didn’t just arise in the last few generations, no the seeds of anti compatible ism and a complete societal wrong turn have been with us from the very beginning. Mr. Limbaugh was astute enough to make a good living by appealing to our negative side and making hate appear to be normal. Hate however is not normal it is a distortion brought about in the human psyche through a lack of clarity.

Limbaugh could not have achieved the success he did in a world governed by decency. The medal of freedom award further solidifies our President’s deranged view of realty. I can also assure you that Mr. Trump is just acting out a role that his mind has contrived through his twisted concepts of what he thinks it means to be a human being. We have placed the leadership of our country into the hands of an imbecile, his administration and his party have abandoned logic there-by giving them leeway to forgo their sworn duty to serve their country. Every person that voted to acquit the president is openly guilty of aiding and abetting high crimes and misdemeanors. If the common citizen did this they would be apprehended and incarcerated. The Republican party with the exception of Mitt Romney is under arrest.

Dung Teller AKA Bill Rogan.

Letter to Ralph Nader.

This is a response to Mr. Nader’s “In the Public Interest”

Dear Mr. Nader,

Let’s face it, your ” In the Public Interest” seems to be falling on deaf ears. I think it is time to see that we are beyond words. “The pen is mightier than the sword” only if people can read or are inclined to do so. You are certainly astute enough to realize that many of the people that are supporting Trump were driven there by the Democrats. Our country is without a legitimate government and it is being held together by a very shaky framework. Force is the only thing that will save the country now, even if Trump is voted out of office the situation will not improve. Trumps removal will further divide the people and with the Democrats back in power corruption {as usual} will ensue. There is still a chance that force can be non violent, but I fear that chance is fading fast. We are in truth actually indebted to Mr. Trump for he is openly putting on display for all to see “the depths of depravity to which our government has sunk. He could not be doing what he is doing in a sane and honest government or society for that matter. 

It is is time for the American people to unite, creating a list of demands and then shutting the country down until those demands are met. You sir and people like you are our only hope. If we let fear stop us then we are lost and will be forced to live dystopian shameful lives.

Bill Rogan AKA DT

Killing Each Other!

On our planet where we consider ourselves to be intelligent and advancing as a species, there is a lot of evidence to dispute those considerations. For instance no one knows how many bullets have been fired by human beings for the purpose of killing other human beings. Consider that some machine gun crews during WWI accounted for the expenditure of a billion rounds. There are estimates that humans have fired at least 50 Trillion bullets at each other. I myself think the number is far greater than that. The estimates for the amount of humans killed in wars since organized killing became fashionable is as high as one (1) billion people. This number does not include the millions of homicides that have taken place since people began to interact (unsuccessfully) with each other. The fact that we can read this, become aware of it and not be shocked or appalled and do everything in our power to understand it so that it comes to an end, is nearly as disturbing as the actual killing, ISN’T IT? It should be, but it isn’t.

We have become so desensitized that we accept the unacceptable on a regular basis. The entire stream of consciousness in the United States has been distorted and it now appears that we have made a conscious decision to forgo logic. Our current leaders are doing what tyrannical leaders always do, that is, they divide the people so they can go about taking from the people unnoticed. Republicans and Democrats have sold out their constituents which means they are acting fraudulently in that they are in violation of their sworn duty to serve the people. What they are doing is far worse than just fraud because they are enabling corporations to take advantage of all of us. The government also provides money to corporations and those same corporations turn around and gouge the public.

With our propensity to kill each other I am wondering how long they (the government) think the people will stand for this? Of course the Obama administration made sure that the military can be used against the people. Before it comes to that I suggest we shut the country down along with a list of demands and shut it down until the governments does what it is supposed to do, and that is work for the people.