The purpose of this Blog!

I am trying to point out that conflict permeates our lives hence our inability to interact with each other in a mutually beneficial manner. And this outward conflict arises due to a basic internal conflict. Our conflict extends to the environment, incredibly we destroy what sustains us. Conflict will not yield until we uncover the source and conflict will not end until we end it inside of ourselves. I have not done this for myself, yet I feel compelled to keep writing in essence because it is part of my effort to end the conflict inside of me. It is because we are in conflict that humanity suffers, and the scale of this suffering is a source of great human sorrow and it is growing exponentially from moment to moment. I am not claiming that I have an answer rather I am pointing out our need to find one. I think the source of all our conflict is, feeling/believing that we are separate from the environment and each other. Our conditioning tells us that we are as individuals alone, and separate from nature. It is something to ponder the root meaning of the word “alone”, it actually means, “all one” I think we have invented and sustain a division where none actually exist. Every blog post I write has this fact at its core. Humanity under empirical observation is living in an unnatural state one pitting humans against their environment and each other. Consider that right now innocent children around the world are being hated by grown adults simply because of their nationality or ism, something the child had no choice over. Soon the children will be poisoned, adding to conflict. This is our world, it is sick.

I would like to offer some background about myself to give the reader some perspective on the writer, without too much elaboration. First though I have been called a cynic and I won’t deny the accusation, in the light of the definition, that a cynic is someone that believes human conduct is always motivated by [self interest]. Even the meekest philanthropist in helping others nets a [good] feeling for doing what they feel is right, it doesn’t have to be the main reason for their philanthropy. We will return to “self interest”. I grew up very poor with parents that frankly were in way over their heads, they should not have had children. It was therefor natural to end up with the classic “poor boy inferiority complex”. Perhaps the worst thing that happened to me in growing up was that I was told by nuns and priest that god loved me. (Let me explain) I simply concluded that in not having what [seemingly] everyone else had, that god loved others and perhaps even hated us. (Why deprive us?) Life was hard, hunger, poor clothing and housing yet it was the daily humiliation and embarrassment and the unguided reactions to life itself, that hampered my development and made living painful. Things may have turned out differently if the people around me had the insight that a young mind subjected to abuse should not be left on their own to conclude, why. I would be remiss in not adding the fact that I had no inherent ability that would allow me to deal with this situation and the many problems it presented. I had other issues that exasperated the already unhealthy situation.

The unguided reactions to life is something we all experience to a certain extent, this simply happens because educators and people in general do not understand life. Hence the search for meaning and understanding, for some this search encompasses an effort to comprehend their deity. The implications of what I am saying are profound, in that we do not have an understanding of what life is and how we as humans fit into the grand scheme.Yet in spite of this ignorance we reproduce. Should we make more people that will add to and make greater the divisions that already exist. Humankind at some point being a intelligent collective should have planned population growth. Empirical observation clearly demonstrates that our adaptation to life, inevitably lays the ground work to hand down conflict from one generation to the next. What is being pointed out here is that humans have taken a wrong turn. What was a local movement of incoherence has evolved into incoherence on a global scale.. I find it incomprehensible that anyone could possibly conclude that life as we are are living it is the outcome of coherent minds. yes there are segments of the population living lives of satisfaction inside a frame work of overall incoherence. And one is compelled to ask as part of humanity are these people callous indifferent to human suffering?? If we were intelligent and took a coherent approach to living, life would, of necessity be getting easier for the majority instead it is getting harder. On a planet where, intelligence guided the actions of its inhabitants, would millions die in wars and from starvation? Would intelligent people expend vast resources in an effort to ensure mutual annihilation? Not one person would agree to breathe polluted air the fact that we all do clearly demomstrates incoherence. The soil where we grow our food and the water that sustains life are both contaminated with toxins and pharmaceuticals and we do not test for the majority of the chemicals we produce, past and present. We are literally poisoning ourselves.

We are caught in a behavior pattern that has resulted in global suffering, currently there are an estimated 65.6 million global refugees more than after world war two, more than the entire population of Britain. This is a clear symptom of global insanity. We have conditioned ourselves to accept what is truly unacceptable. People are reproducing inside camps for displaced people, something that defies comprehension.

I could go on for some time depicting the incoherence of humans, for now though I think I’ve made my point. Everyday there are efforts to improve the human condition and some are moderately successful, however the trend of society is an avalanche of unstoppable ignorance. The reason is that we never get to the core problem. So we keep, keep plodding away making tremendous efforts to change without succeeding, never stopping to ask ourselves why aren’t we succeeding. If you don’t recognize this behavior pattern, let me remind you – it is how we define “insanity”.


                                                    Trump Support!

It will not take long to show you that Trump is unfit to serve as President. What will it say about those that still support him after understanding that he is indeed unfit. Most people understand why Trump was elected to office, it was because the people of this country came to the realization that our government no longer served them.Trump promised to change Washington and he actually  is making it  worse, much worse since he’s taken office. If you can read what I am about to state and still support Trump then your fitness to live in the United States of America is in question and you may want to consider leaving. 

“He’s not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” The remarks, which came after days of back-and-forth between McCain” Haven’t you noticed Trump is either fighting with someone or firing someone. 

POW’s American Servicemen

WW1      4,120         Died as POW  147

WW2     130,201      Died as POW  14,200

Korea    7,140          Died as POW  2,700

Vietnam 725            Died as POW  64

Civil War 348,000     Died as Pow 48,000  These numbers are for both sides.

Trump doesn’t like these men and women. A man with a bone spur afraid to serve, said he doesn’t like these soldiers

I did not  gather the number of sacrifices made in The Iraq wars, Afghanistan and all the other conflicts where Americans were captured and sometimes paid the ultimate price. 

These numbers each and everyone one is a life that our Commander and Chief doesn’t like. He actually makes me sick and if you support him in this contemptible behavior then you must see your mistake and correct it. Trump as a private citizen is a disgrace as Commander and Chief he soils the office by his presence. In case you are wondering I served our country during the Vietnam War and yes I was in combat and received a citation for bravery during action at Ben Het. 

Bill Rogan, AKA  Dung Teller FYI In the Vietnamese language “Dung” references beauty. 

Killing with an Assault Rifle!

The tragedy of just one murder victim is unacceptable yet we have come to accept the unacceptable as a matter of course. It is true that in countries that have banned assault rifles there are far less mass shootings and murders.Yet given all the facts of our history and the current global circumstance, banning assault rifles would be a foolish undertaking. If we want to consider statistical murder rates let us not forget that when the German army could not shoot their citizens fast enough with fully automatic weapons they resorted to gas chambers. World history is fraught with mass killings of civilians by their perspective militaries. (Stalin had as many as 60 million Russians Executed) Then there is the marauding rebel groups slaughtering their own citizens first raping the younger women. Yes there have been thousands of our citizens killed by unstable people, but there have been millions actually hundreds of millions killed by unstable governments. 

Today the government of the United States is perhaps one of the most unstable institutions on Earth. Under president Obama the laws were changed that prevented our government from using the military against us, the writing is on the proverbial wall. If assault rifles are banned then we are removing a very strong deterrent to those that will kill us. Fact, Japan was deterred from an invasion of our homeland because of the large number of privately owned rifles. Remember what the Japanese did to the citizens of Nanking. Fact with the German Army massing across the channel the government of England regretted their tight gun control laws and ended up asking American and Canadian private citizens to send their weapons and ammunition. US history has shown us that the government has already used the military against its citizenry. Kent State the Ohio National Guard shot and killed 4 unarmed protesters.The US Cavalry slaughtered defenseless native American woman and children at Wounded Knee. You can research the US military attacking the citizens and you will  find that we are not safe from our own government. Why are police departments armed with APC’s and Tanks, let alone fully automatic weapons? Police departments are actively hunting black men and women and preying on poor white communities. Our police department’s are unleashing predators to extract money from poor people and to intimidate citizens through violence, killing with impunity.  

We are awash in hypocrisy, people are saying we must stop these senseless mass shootings (and we can reduce them maybe eliminate them) yet many of the same people are not yelling “stop spending a trillion dollars a year for organized killing. We are society that invest heavily in killing yet when it come to executing a single person on death roe, we botch it up. Large drug companies say they don’t want their drugs used to take a life while patients die because they can’t afford over priced pharmaceuticals. Then drug companies flood the country with opiates causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Then most and perhaps all the media, corporate and independent alike, tries to incite people through smug remarks about firearms, not to reduce deaths but to increase ratings. Yes hypocrisy is everywhere. And of course what I just said is not true of everyone. We should not group everyone together and the same is true about firearm ownership. According to studies there are over a billion small arms spread through out the world, and 857 million are in civilian hands. Of this number 393 million are in the hands of US citizens. One incident of murder as I said is too much however we should  not ignore or overlook the very small percentage of violence associated with gun ownership.

The so called gun nuts are not decrying the movement toward gun control as vehemently as usual because the government has convinced them that Muslims, Mexicans and Black People are a greater threat. Our government has stopped serving the people in favor of the wealthy. This is unfolding as many people have predicted, capitalism is failing under its own weight because it is actually an unsustainable (as practiced) economic system. Our government through tax schemes and funding for the rich is now stealing from the poor and vanishing middle and lower classes. When collapse comes and people rebel they will  be crushed by the people controlling the Army. If you support banning assault weapons then you are naive and foolish and you’ve been duped by people that when the time comes will take your life like the deranged killers you fear. As dangerous as these rifles can be, they may be your only chance of surviving, what is to come. And do not think for one second that I want to be right about this however prudence tells us to always err on the side of caution.

This is DT trying to make sense of what we’ve made of our lives. AKA Bill Rogan

More on Free Will!

We are free to choose but we are not free to choose what we choose. Sometimes! When we ask why we chose something who is it that we expect to answer? Whether or not we are responsible for our actions we will still be held accountable, knowing that will make most people”not take another life” even though they might want too. So you are choosing and you know why. The key to “free’ – lies in the word “from” . From is a contingency and as long as the contingency exist, then the state of freedom is impossible. So the question is this: Is there a part of consciousness that is not influenced by knowledge? IE Unencumbered Freedom. If there is no such “space” then the question will be debated until human consciousness comes to an end. Because you cannot understand what you do not have. Being free to ask why you choose what you choose doesn’t mean you are free. Having a choice is actually in some cases a sign of confusion, because when your mind is clear you do not choose, you act

US Approaching 3rd World Status!

https://youtu.be/q0dQAUb22WA  Follow the link And consider what the Trump administration and the Republican party are doing to our experts in many fields. The experts are being let go! Making America fall behind in many important areas that not only effect the economy but also contribute to the diminishing quality of life for most Americans. Many long time conservatives are leaving their Party. The saying around the world is that America is approaching 3rd world status and the Republicans in cahoots with the wealthy are destroying our country. Democrats have also sold us out however the Republicans have lost their minds. I am not advocating being a democrat because our government has  ceased to function as a voice of the people no matter what Party is leading. The government has betrayed the citizens and we are spiraling down toward third world status for some they are already there. History will record this period as the dark times, when moronity ruled.


Buying back our Government?????

The government of the United States has gone to the highest bidder. And now to make things right the average citizen’s must unite their funds to buy it back. There is something innately wrong with this. The government, because it is run by people of the lowest caliber is the reason it can be bought and sold in the first place. The people that need money too do the right thing are the wrong people and they are incapable of doing the right thing. These people are so ignorant they have no idea of the shame they bring to themselves and humanity as whole. We need to remove the influence money has on the people that run our government. It would be a simple process to make this happen. Candidates would reach out to the public via a system that would distribute funds equally to enable platform dissemination.

Prejudice, Take it a bit Further and it becomes, RIGHT!

Somewhere in the human operating system is a bit of soft ware that makes a person wary of beings that are different than themselves. This is a completely sensible function given the dangers for humans in their early environment. What happened with this software is not completely clear, however we can see that it became entangled with thought and the ego self. What is important is to see that we all have it,  and the purpose it served was once viable however today it must be seen as outdated and our intelligence should have it under control.

Today people look at races and nationalities as if they were divided or separate from themselves, when in actuality the division is not a true division. The division is created in the way we are thinking therefor looking at and seeing other people. Don’t forget we are all human. So yes, I am afraid that if you are prejudice it is not the fault of those you are prejudiced against, in truth it is your, – fault. Unless the lens we use to look at people through is crystal clear then we cannot actually see them clearly. Seeing clearly as far as the human species is concerned, is too see that we are all the same species.

Here’s how: The prejudiced feeling is a [right function], in that it is part of our awareness as a human, so we can recognize someone that differs from us in appearance. That ability has become entangled with thought and ego self. Our intelligent hard drive should override the old software program in the knowledge that we are responding via our own (old) software which has become outmoded. Further still, we can now see that we all have the same programing,  this means that we are all of the same species. Grasping this fact is too grasp part of your own humanity.  So for the species to advance we all must see this, not to see it is to go against what it means to be human. This again, in itself shows us, that we are part of the movement of life, it is an affirmation that you are important because without you seeing the truth, then the entirety of humanity is being held back.

So show your intelligence and never again be (not so smart) by being prejudice.

This is DT in NH saying, if love is not universal then the entirety of all our lives, is incomplete. This is a fact and if you have a god it knows this, is a fact.

What is actually going on with life on Earth?

The following is an excerpt from a book I am working on. The book, may never, for various reason be finished. I think some of these things need to said and of course heard. I am not trying to offend anyone yet people may be offended or just dismiss this as nonsense. My point is that the living conditions on earth do not match or even come close to our self evaluation, of us, as an intelligent species.

What is actually going on with human life on this planet? It appears that we have created a way of life and we are not, in charge of it. Rather we are swept along by forces that we’ve invented and cannot control. These inventions are the result of humanities lack of understanding of what it means to be alive and from that has come a way of living that has us divided and pitted against each other and our environment. We are so engrossed and mesmerized by our inventions that we no longer even question this path we have chosen. A path that has led us to the horror’s of thousands of wars, the starvation of millions of people, the destruction of the very environment that sustains us. The cruelty toward our fellow man is an implacable statement of human depravity. Today our home, Earth sees over sixty five million of its inhabitants forced from their homes and left to wander in search of food and another home. There are nearly eight billion people as I write this and we are trying to deal with the problem of growing numbers while we destroy the land and environment that we need to sustain so many. And here again we fail to see the actual problem. It is the lack of understanding of life that has people thinking that baring children is a reason to live. Then there is the sex drive, over powering uneducated and weak minds. These issues are of course handed down from one generation to the next, by virtue of people that do not understand life educating their children with and through their own ignorance. And then there is the actual problem of self annihilation from any given number of reasons, from a nuclear holocaust, climate disaster or environmental degradation. We reproduce knowing full well that we cannot provide our children with a secure and nurturing environment. There are indications that our children are becoming aware of this inherent abuse of them.  If we don’t start to face the actual problem then we will never find a cure for humanities woes. We will instead struggle against the symptoms until the real disease erases us from existence. 

So, in many ways we are lesser creatures than our cousins the chimpanzee’s. It does not matter how intellectually gifted one may be, or that one may espouse a high level of self proclaimed sanctity the fact is that these traits aren’t addressing the  fact that there is something terribly wrong with the way humanity is living. In fact when we consider, what could have been for humanity, then we are not actually fully alive. And even worse than defiling our home “Earth” we have soiled  and desecrated our very humanity. 

I will certainly be condemned for this book and its assessment of humanity, however this needs to said and taken seriously. We are running out of time. 

What Next?

It would come as no surprise if we went to war and lots of people were killed and maimed. And the VA would find excuses not to care for the wounded.  It would be no surprise that millions are starving to death. And I, along with many others have pleaded for all the pain to stop. Yet I know it won’t, we are a hapless and helpless lot. One gets tired, feeling bad about all the pointless suffering. Billionaires afraid of giving up a small portion of their wealth to help others. The environment is in its final stages of being able to support human life. You name it we’ve done it, destroy, kill, starve, what madness, but now in the name of all that is decent we’ve gone too far, sunk too low, pulled the last arrow from the quiver of human decency. 

 Yes the Oreo double stuffed cookie is not, dare I say a true double stuffed cookie! And at the heart of this tragedy of tragedies is Capitalism. Go ahead I dare you to say that you aren’t leaning toward, out right socialism. How long until the “Big Mac” is the “Little Mac”? Are we far away from 3rd class flight’s with passengers strapped to the wings and fuselage? Don’t laugh. 

It has been rumored that Carnival Cruise’s is considering Raft’s for what they call Floats instead of Cruises. They are mounting an ad campaign touting even the Hoi Polli (the poor) deserve a break. Pricing will reflect the passenger’s (floater’s) level of poverty. 

The Trump Administration has announced plans to shrink Yellow Stone National Park. The Park formed in 1872 occupies 3,473 square miles or 2.2 million acre. Plans are to reduce its size to a more manageable 10 yes, that is ten acres, to be patrolled by one (1) part time Ranger. The remaining land will be divided up between energy companies and Hot Spring Spa’s for the 1percent. Kellyanne  said the Spa was open to all she failed to mention the $5,000.00 a night rate. Trophy Grizzly hunts, will be put up for bid with proceeds benefiting the Trump and Clinton foundations. In case you are not aware .00001 of all funds raised goes directly to charity. 

In America and I do mean the USA depending on what study you choose, there are 43, to 100 million people living in poverty. Being prone to the use of irony I am inclined to say. That’s just Great! America!

DT, wondering just what it will take for people to say they’ve had enough. It does appear that we’ve become complacent, the hole we’ve dug for ourselves is perhaps the deepest we’ve ever looked out of.  People are so frustrated and confused they are drawn toward solutions that history has demonstrated can never work. The difference now is that there is no AMERICA to save the world. 

Overcoming the Myth of Spiritual Awakening!

                            Overcoming the Myth of Spiritual Awakening! 

I am this, I will become that, and I will accomplish this via a method, a practice some form of meditation, listening to a guru the list goes on. If any of these approaches worked the rarest people on the planet would be the “unenlightened” we’d all be “The Buddha”.There is a simple reason why no methods will lead to a spiritual awakening and it is, that the achiever is an idea and the goal is an idea and an idea being a wave of mental energy cannot experience, arriving at a goal. This of course is nothing new, with the exception of synaptic connections your physical being and mental being will not be altered in any way via becoming through a mental projection. Talents, titles, abilities or letters behind our names does not alter our being. It may alter the way we and other’s think of us but that is superficial like putting on make-up. Yes you may have stored learned information in your brain but you have not become anything beyond a warehouse. Of course I am not proposing that we stop becoming trained professionals. However it is a factual statement to say that, if you think you are becoming spiritually awake through an effort originating in the self then your mind is not seeing, what is actual. There are no paths therefor no instructions to attain what you are seeking. Simply put the actual movement of existence cannot be breached by conceptualizing about breaching the actual movement of existence. 

Now to be clear this does not mean in any way that there is no such thing as being awake spiritually. There is a Buddhist lesson where the master is on the other side of the river and the novice is asking [how] he can get too the other side and the master replies “there is no how”. It sounds like gobbledygook, yet it isn’t in fact it is very simple. It is the self that wants to cross over and the self being a mental projection cannot cross over. Yet we must crossover. If we take away the self then, there is nothing to move from here to there. We must be clear that the self is a projection of the mind, it allows us to interface with our surroundings, yet that projection is  no more you than your thought’s of a tree are the real tree. Hence the myth status of being spiritually awakened. Thinking about eating when you are hungry will not sate’ your appetite just like the thought’s of being spiritual awake will not sate’ your desire. 

No one has ever been converted to being spiritually awake, it is in no way an organizing of any kind of information. Well then what is it, what is a spiritually awake person?  When a particular mind melds with the universal mind a spiritual awakening has taken place, also called our true nature. This transition takes place in meditation not a purposeful meditation, rather it is meditation, as an outcome from the mind seeing the limitation and function of thought. Obviously, though something has to change: Mind is churning away thoughts are arising much of the time without choice, these thoughts create more thoughts and feelings. We are obviously not in control of our mind. So we then say let us take control of our mind. The implication is that there is a separate entity that will take control of the mind and in actuality there is only the mind.  Awareness is key, and staying aware is an arduous task, thought keeps moving away. We can not decide to stop this mental process and force it into submission, because there is only the mind. There is only awareness there is no “I” that is aware, this is why there is no “how”. Being aware of this process is a start, staying present through breath and identifying thoughts as they arise and not getting caught by them is crucial. If we are to transform then it can only happen in the here and now, something you or no-one else can make happen, simply because we are already in the here and now it is our thought’s that are blocking, what it means to be in the here and now. We are not actually fully alive if we are not living firmly planted in the “now”.  

This is DT, reminding us all that waking up is free, being asleep is expensive.