There is a pristine beach where, for eons the sea has thundered ashore just being here is wondrous and soothing, inland from the coast is a forest, a deep mossy woodland where creatures roam and when the human eye takes it in, the mind is stilled. Far south from here, lies a sprawling desert where the quiet beauty can seem harsh but rest assured life thrives and flourishes here. Towering above all this, the majestic peaks stand like guardians, letting their waters flow to nourish what lies far below. This is our home, this is where each and everyone of us, are to live out our lives. This is nature, this is our essence, to be alive is to know that we are not opposed to this we are of this, and its essence stretches to the very edge of the universe. In the natural silence of nature, pulses the energy the love, that brings to fruition all that was, is and ever will be. It is also in the face of every person that walks this wondrous Earth. There is no need for anything beyond this, something produced in the mind that tries to explain this. Everything that exist is infused by a spirit, a primordial energy, always moving always in stillness, mysterious and you cannot be separate from it. The cycle of birth and death are contained with-in the spirit and it is only our thinking that makes a division where none exist. Let go and let it be, if the letting go is just an idea then you haven’t let go. Is your love of the beauty just an idea?

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