Why it is Folly To Believe! Rev on 3/29/ 2019 A must Read!

If we understood life, then we would have no questions, there would be no confusion. We would know, therefor, belief would serve no purpose. We have no need to believe that there is a sun and it shines, we know it. We only believe, when we don’t know. Therefor, we can see quite clearly that if we don’t know, then how can we possibly know, that what we choose to believe is true? Another way to look at this is that, we have chosen (what we believe in), in a state that lacks understanding and clarity, in other words confusion.  Therefor you are really saying, that you believe because you are confused, then you say that you are no longer confused because what you’ve chosen out of confusion, has ended your confusion, this is confusion in motion. In short we’ve made a decision to believe and what to believe, from a state of not knowing, nothing has changed. You’ve gone from a state of knowing you don’t know, to a state of just thinking that, now you know. Understanding negates the need to believe, you may not as of yet understand life, but now you can understand why, to believe is folly. Just consider looking at belief like this, the stories are so incredulous that it requires faith to accept them, to believe. Nowhere else is this method of drawing conclusions, utilized (abandoning logic). If you were depositing a large some of money and the teller did not give you proof of the deposit you would not make the deposit, you require proof were money is concerned. Yet where your life is concerned you leave it to incredulous nonsensical and cruel mythology, never researching your tenets. The reason for that is we want to feel we have “truth” at any cost so we can feel secure and we actually ignore the real truth in order to feel that way (safe & secure). The truth is you do not know, yet out of desperation you’ve convinced yourself that all of a sudden for no apparent reason, you do know. Are you getting it? If you knew what you believed was true there would be no need to believe. Now we can’t ignore that believers do feel this way when it comes to what others believe. Only they know! What Arrogance! Can you truly look at the state of your world and your life and actually believe the love, intelligence and understanding of an omnipotent being (god) is playing a role?

Again the point? If you knew what life was, how it came about and its purpose you would not have to “believe”. Of course you don’t know any of this so you believe what someone else has told you. When you were told what to believe you were not told that the majority of people do not believe what you are being told to believe. Believing is an act of self contradiction, you are simultaneously stating that you know and don’t know. Religion has stymied creative people and wreaked needless suffering upon billions, only great ignorance would allow this. And as further proof of your confusion, you will ignore what is logical and continue on with what is illogical, further verifying your confusion. Now consider this, an advanced civilization arrives on Earth and sees this self inflicted madness and the cruelty our faiths engender, they may then decide that exterminating us would be an act of true compassion. Like squashing a suffering ant.

Wake up, people, millions have already forfeited their chance to do so. DT

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