Some Thought’s!

Jesus Christ was a Palestinian Jew, a dark skinned man.


Mexican’s are being accused of being lazy, they are also being accused of stealing our jobs. Okay which is it?


On the Sun “our star” a small star as star’s go, 4 million tons of matter are converted to energy every second.  This is nuclear Fusion, humans are trying to mimic this process because it yields more energy than you start with. It will probably come to fruition, however it will require huge investments to bring it on line to supply the worlds power grids. 


I hate this: I am working on a problem and I get stuck, someone gives me the answer, and I still don’t get it!


“Bernard’s Star” a star in the Northern Hemisphere is moving toward us and will be the closest star (other than our sun) to Earth. The star is not visible to the naked eye. Currently Alpha Century 3 is the closet star.


There are 195 Countries on Earth. These are real countries, however they are not actual. This means, that Nature does not recognize them, factually their existence has come about in a realty that was created solely in the minds of humankind. Nature and therefor God does not recognize these false divisions hence many gods, many countries, many religions much war, chaos, unimaginable waste suffering and confusion.  Our current state of affairs our “reality” only exist because humankind is not living in ‘actuality”


 The Theory of Relativity tells us that nothing in the Universe can move through space faster than the speed of light, it doesn’t say that “space” itself can not travel faster that light. Good thing because the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light.


The Christian god is timeless,  meaning he always was, and always will be. Trillions upon trillions of eons, pale in comparison to eternity, it boggles the mind to try to comprehend this vast, expanse of time. This same god thinks that  coming to Earth and suffering for three (3) hours and pretending to die should somehow impress us, Big Fu*#ing Deal.


When I was a child we, meaning our family, were really poor. We did not eat right, had shoddy clothing and holes in our shoes. Our utilities were occasionally turned off for lack of payment. My mother and father were in way over their heads, they should not have had children. We were given no guidance and shown very little affection and love. I imagine their backgrounds were worse or similar.

Capitalism is a faulty way to run a society for many reason the least of which is not that, under Capitalism it is entirely plausible that it will become to expensive to save our selves, from ourselves.  Unfortunately for many, even children, this has already become truth.

We were sent to a Catholic school and the nuns were cruel and were hateful to us because we could not contribute to the Church. They humiliated and embarrassed us, when ever the opportunity arose. They had the audacity to ask us for money, and worst of all they told us that god loved us. This was the worst thing that ever happened to me because it literally ruined my life. Let me explain.

As I looked around I saw that other people had what we didn’t, other kids weren’t like me, in school hungry, I was embarrassed by my existence, humiliated in front of my classmates. And I figured out that god loved everyone else, except us. In fact I was sure, he like his representatives, the nuns and the priest did not like us, perhaps even hated us. This gave me an inferiority complex and made me intrinsically feel that I did not deserve to be alive. I can not really explain the intense despair that I’ve struggled with my entire life. Yes of course there were other kids that were deprived, I thought they were unfortunate like us. I was just a child with no support system, thrown into an environment that was, was what? They were doing in the name of god, an injustice, they were not acting according to what they were saying. That is why I am writing this Blog. I am not arguing against god, I am arguing against humankind’s concepts of god. There is an immediate lesson you can take away from this and that is, never tell a child that god loves them, you cannot know what is in a child’s minds  and how something like this will effect them. If god loves the child, let him tell  the child. Now ask yourself this, would god have anything to do with ruining a small child’s life, let alone the millions that have died because of the worlds religions? The answer is, God would have no part in ruining a child’s life.  It is all on us. 


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