The purpose of this Blog!

I am trying to point out that conflict permeates our lives hence our inability to interact with each other in a mutually beneficial manner. And this outward conflict arises due to a basic internal conflict. Our conflict extends to the environment, incredibly we destroy what sustains us. Conflict will not yield until we uncover the source and conflict will not end until we end it inside of ourselves. I have not done this for myself, yet I feel compelled to keep writing in essence because it is part of my effort to end the conflict inside of me. It is because we are in conflict that humanity suffers, and the scale of this suffering is a source of great human sorrow and it is growing exponentially from moment to moment. I am not claiming that I have an answer rather I am pointing out our need to find one. I think the source of all our conflict is, feeling/believing that we are separate from the environment and each other. Our conditioning tells us that we are as individuals alone, and separate from nature. It is something to ponder the root meaning of the word “alone”, it actually means, “all one” I think we have invented and sustain a division where none actually exist. Every blog post I write has this fact at its core. Humanity under empirical observation is living in an unnatural state one pitting humans against their environment and each other. Consider that right now innocent children around the world are being hated by grown adults simply because of their nationality or ism, something the child had no choice over. Soon the children will be poisoned, adding to conflict. This is our world, it is sick.

I would like to offer some background about myself to give the reader some perspective on the writer, without too much elaboration. First though I have been called a cynic and I won’t deny the accusation, in the light of the definition, that a cynic is someone that believes human conduct is always motivated by [self interest]. Even the meekest philanthropist in helping others nets a [good] feeling for doing what they feel is right, it doesn’t have to be the main reason for their philanthropy. We will return to “self interest”. I grew up very poor with parents that frankly were in way over their heads, they should not have had children. It was therefor natural to end up with the classic “poor boy inferiority complex”. Perhaps the worst thing that happened to me in growing up was that I was told by nuns and priest that god loved me. (Let me explain) I simply concluded that in not having what [seemingly] everyone else had, that god loved others and perhaps even hated us. (Why deprive us?) Life was hard, hunger, poor clothing and housing yet it was the daily humiliation and embarrassment and the unguided reactions to life itself, that hampered my development and made living painful. Things may have turned out differently if the people around me had the insight that a young mind subjected to abuse should not be left on their own to conclude, why. I would be remiss in not adding the fact that I had no inherent ability that would allow me to deal with this situation and the many problems it presented. I had other issues that exasperated the already unhealthy situation.

The unguided reactions to life is something we all experience to a certain extent, this simply happens because educators and people in general do not understand life. Hence the search for meaning and understanding, for some this search encompasses an effort to comprehend their deity. The implications of what I am saying are profound, in that we do not have an understanding of what life is and how we as humans fit into the grand scheme.Yet in spite of this ignorance we reproduce. Should we make more people that will add to and make greater the divisions that already exist. Humankind at some point being a intelligent collective should have planned population growth. Empirical observation clearly demonstrates that our adaptation to life, inevitably lays the ground work to hand down conflict from one generation to the next. What is being pointed out here is that humans have taken a wrong turn. What was a local movement of incoherence has evolved into incoherence on a global scale.. I find it incomprehensible that anyone could possibly conclude that life as we are are living it is the outcome of coherent minds. yes there are segments of the population living lives of satisfaction inside a frame work of overall incoherence. And one is compelled to ask as part of humanity are these people callous indifferent to human suffering?? If we were intelligent and took a coherent approach to living, life would, of necessity be getting easier for the majority instead it is getting harder. On a planet where, intelligence guided the actions of its inhabitants, would millions die in wars and from starvation? Would intelligent people expend vast resources in an effort to ensure mutual annihilation? Not one person would agree to breathe polluted air the fact that we all do clearly demomstrates incoherence. The soil where we grow our food and the water that sustains life are both contaminated with toxins and pharmaceuticals and we do not test for the majority of the chemicals we produce, past and present. We are literally poisoning ourselves.

We are caught in a behavior pattern that has resulted in global suffering, currently there are an estimated 65.6 million global refugees more than after world war two, more than the entire population of Britain. This is a clear symptom of global insanity. We have conditioned ourselves to accept what is truly unacceptable. People are reproducing inside camps for displaced people, something that defies comprehension.

I could go on for some time depicting the incoherence of humans, for now though I think I’ve made my point. Everyday there are efforts to improve the human condition and some are moderately successful, however the trend of society is an avalanche of unstoppable ignorance. The reason is that we never get to the core problem. So we keep, keep plodding away making tremendous efforts to change without succeeding, never stopping to ask ourselves why aren’t we succeeding. If you don’t recognize this behavior pattern, let me remind you – it is how we define “insanity”.

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