A Message to the Government of the United States! Rev. 4/2/19 Please read and pass on.

There is a mental illness sweeping through the Government of the US, this fiasco (Cohen Testimony, et al ) is only taking place because of that mental illness. The two party system has ceased to be a viable form of government, and the time is here to replace it. The problem is exasperated through the lack of a mentally objective electorate. What would intelligent people do at this point? Intelligent people of course would not be at this point. The obvious problem manifesting here is that the survival of the Party and not the Country has become the important thing. People of course will argue that our party is what is best for the country and that is being said because they are not listening or observing the outcome of current polices, and beliefs. The certain factual outcome of all this is that no matter what party wins and holds power the American people lose. Plainly, if the government cared about the people it is supposed to serve then this situation would not exist. Human goodness and decency does not exist inside the government of the United States, If they did exist then this situation wouldn’t. To the members of the United States government you are a disgrace, it is unconscionable that you are so pathetic that you find a way to live with yourselves. All of the people that experience the feeling of sensitivity find themselves sickened by your behavior. Wake up America. Our real shame isn’t being foolish but it is remaining foolish when we see how foolish we are.

Our government has become an organization of radicals and this radicalization is eating at the foundations of our country, and we all are quite aware of what happens to structures with weak foundations, yes they collapse. Now make no mistake we are already in free fall and the impact to come will have consequences that are unpredictable. What is predictable however is that no one will be unaffected and the inept legislators will have to live with how history will recognize them as the ineptly corrupt politicians that brought to ruin the once most powerful country the planet has ever sen.

DT AKA Bill Rogan

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