Black Holes/The Universe And a (Potential) WILD and Crazy Truth!

I received an E mail notice that Kate’s Science had made a post about black holes (BH), specifically addressing the first ever photo taken, of a BH. You can find many articles about this on line. I was thinking that a large star having sufficient mass that when it collapses in on itself a BH can form. With that in mind I thought then surely the Big Bang (BB) having much more mass, it too must have been a BH. Yet there is quite a difference, because a BH is being observed in space while the BB did not occur in space, space was created as a result the BB. There may be a limitation to density so once the universe squeezed/crushed itself enough the BB was triggered. And one is compelled to ask, “if it wasn’t in space where was it?”

All of this led to more thinking; space is something that we have little understanding of, so this is more speculation on my part. Perhaps the creation of space isn’t a one time event and it is being created from moment to moment via a process in energy. Wouldn’t this help us link time and space more completely, the moment to moment creation of space is time. Now consider that the space inside an atom (they are mainly empty space) is coming into existence through the same process. This means that all matter including us is being created from moment to moment, there is actually a space between the moments. I think this (?) may mean that there is no past or future but rather an eternal now, a movement without time. I know that I said [time] is the movement, from moment to moment the creation of everything, however there is only now at any given point along the continuum, and it is only a continuum in description but in actuality there is only the instant of now. Time is an illusion that the mind creates because it thinks it is moving from moment to moment along the imaginary continuum, in other words we are blinking in and out of existence like a pulse. I am not saying that the mind creates the continuum the minds creates the illusion, that moments are linked together and that is “time”. So if we are as much [on] as we are [off ] then how is it that we are [seemingly] only noticing the “on switch”? I say seemingly because we may be noticing the “off switch” however our minds are not utilizing their full capacity. Consider that light comes in waves that are close together much closer than sound waves. Have you heard a tape recorder with the sound slowed down. Our senses are not sensitive enough to detect the dark between the pulses of light. What does all this have to with us? Well we are living our lives based on ideas that are not in sync with the actuality of existence. We are basically following a path which is a self invented reality that has nothing to do with what we are. We are energy and we behave out of necessity the way energy must behave, pulsating. This means we cannot die nor were we actually born – the body is matter, made up of energy. And these bodies have more empty space than anything else, and that space is a process of energy. Now is it even plausible to consider that with the overwhelming complexities of this process of energy, with the myriad number of ways in which it is manifesting that the energy lacks intelligence? One would have to ignore a universe of evidence to conclude that the energy is random and lacks intelligence. Now you see that we are not separate from the energy, do you know,- can you begin to realize the significance of this understanding? Let me (in case you don’t see it)) say it for you, there is no god and humans they are the same. I am a moron and I see it. You will say that this truth I am pointing to is indifferent to humanity, look at the suffering, and that is the wrong end of the stick, it is us that are indifferent to the truth. In order to be(aware of) what you are you must do something you’ve never done before, you must be silent. Isn’t the emptiness therefor silence the natural state of the universe, which we are not separate from? Just be what you are!

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