Thought’s about Thought!


                                  An Opening Statement!                                  

Note to religious readers: I have never set out to offend or hurt people yet I know that I have and will continue do so, there is no pleasure in it. Friends were lost over idea’s which confuses me, people while professing the love of god can act in very cruel and unkindly ways, conduct which violates their gods precepts. People have the right to believe what ever they choose, however no-one has the right to force or put their beliefs on others, a personal belief should have no effect on another person. Having the right to choose their god or refrain, is denied children, by early indoctrination into just one religion. It is factually ludicrous that this statement had to be made believers don’t recognize their own children rights they are also ambiguous recognizing advancement in all fields of knowledge except their religion. There are some hardliners that pick and choose certain technology’s usually ending up in disasters like the death of a child. Today’s believers were not given a choice, if they were, our world would be a better place. I am trying to end human suffering which is the result of conflict between people, people and their environment and internal conflict. There are great efforts being made to end human suffering, they help but suffering continues to grow. It seems we cannot end human suffering, I don’t believe that, not for one second. We have never gotten to the source of human suffering that is why it prevails.  Religion is a source of great conflict and human suffering. It is not the only source of suffering but it is a potent one. I understand why religion has a hold on people, it is an anchor, it helps us go through life, unfortunately we’ve taken our religions at face value, perhaps knowing that they will not stand up under scrutiny. Some people do not understand religion but feel as long as they are doing something, their god will understand, this of course, is all just going on in their heads. Everyone knows, that the people that believe in a different god other than their’s, are inventing security and it is working ie: something that is not true is providing security, false security. There is no supportive evidence that lends credence to any of our religions, in fact all the evidence, does just the opposite. Let’s drop what isn’t working and find a way to peaceably cohabitate.  

                                     Thought’s about Thought!

What creates the prison and virtually is the prison cannot free us from the prison!  

Thought just like the field of consciousness where our thinking actually occurs, is the unknown. Scientist along with everyone else do not understand how we are conscious, nor do they understand the process of thinking. I am of course a part of everyone else, a related point of interest, there is nothing known about the brain that would indicate it is capable of producing consciousness. Therefor speculation has arisen that our consciousness materializes outside of the mind/body. So to recap, we are using something we do not understand (thought) in order to understand what it is we do not understand (thought) and this is occurring in a a field (consciousness) that is less understood than what we are using to understand it. It is truly amazing, ‘how little we know” , and how we are at times so vehement, (thinking we do know) perhaps this is why there is so much pain and suffering. Regardless, thinking is vital to our growth and sustained survival, yet it is limited in some very crucial ways. When we start to address the role of thought in our lives the discussion usually concerns what we are thinking rather than “thinking” itself, the emphasis actually may belong on the latter.  If we take some time to ponder this lack of understanding, of how we are conscious and how we think, some interesting things begin to manifest. One of the first things that occurs to my mind is that “thought” is also responsible for all of the negative things we experience as human beings, wars, starvation, crime, political corruption etc. (I am not addressing physical ailments). I think one of the most important things we can ask ourselves is this. What role does our thinking play in our concept of self and how does that self  fit into society? This question may be posited the other way around, ie: what role does the self  play in the process of thought? This is an incredibly interesting thing to contemplate. There can be thought without a self but there can be [no] self without thought. (Stop)- Is this true? We are beings that use thought as a tool to plan and perform task, however thought plays no part in our actual identity? (Descartes,) “I think therefor I am”. Perhaps he should have gone on and warned us to never take the projected “self” as an actual entity.When thinking about this subject we are using conscious thought, meaning we are purposely thinking in order to find an answer. Then there is our normal thought process as we go through our day. I was tempted to say our unconscious thought which does seem a contradiction. Yet in the case of our everyday thought the picture is anything but clear. We are not choosing our thoughts most of the time, they are simply arising to the surface of our mind where they cause more thoughts and reactions or a combination of thought and feelings. These I call  ( t-h-e-l-t-s ) thelts,  a combination of thinking and feeling. I should mention that there are times when thought appears to be more a trance like state, that differs from deep thought, when we are trying to understand or perhaps learn something. In writing this essay my mind is trying to arrange thoughts into words, both of which are arising in my mind. What is making me do this blog, where are the thought’s (ideas) and words that will bring perfect clarity to this page? In observing this process (everyday thinking) it is fair to point out that this [on going] thinking is akin to a snowball rolling down a hill, gathering more and more momentum, today’s thoughts are yesterdays thoughts advancing. It rather sounds like I’m describing a zombie as opposed to an intelligent conscious (aware) being. Consider that the entire human population is doing this, this allows us to see an empirical example of cause and effect. Further much of the cause of this automatic thinking trails back to the beginning of human thinking. Religion is a good example of this, in that our ancestors in seeking to understand life, used (invented) religious beliefs to answer their questions. I say invented because there are five major religions all claiming to be the one and only “truth” and we know for certain that this can not be the case, further all western religions have been thoroughly disproven, (debunked is more appropriate). This means that billions of people are running (ruining is more appropriate), their lives based on fairytales, fairytales that started thousands of years ago, invented in the minds of superstitious, backward people. Let us be clear just what this means, ancient superstition and fear is filling the minds of millions upon millions of our children thus condemning them to lives of endless conflict and perhaps even death.  In that all religious thinking is wrong, we find an entire global population in lockstep with nothing more than myth’s ( dangerous myth’s). The result is an avalanche of ignorance that is causing people to kill each other and the confusion and debauchery continues to escalate. This is all  just happening with very little conscious intention. Consider how all this nonsense has retarded human advancement. This is appalling, it is incredibly ignorant yet people, will still cling to what it is, that is killing them, this level of ignorance is mind numbing. As I said religion is an excellent example of “ unconscious thought” running thus creating our version of reality, in other words one thought creates our reality and another thought says this is real.  

 We do not understand “thought” nor de we understand (in most instances ) why we think what we are thinking. We have motives and intentions but we don’t fully understand why we are motivated in the specific way we are motivated ? IE: Some people think capitalism is right others have their opinions.What appears sane and logical therefor right to your mind will be totally rejected by other minds. Consider that, a person may want to be, a farmer, everything about it appeals to them yet they are not clear why they have the initial attraction, perhaps nature has programed diversity into humanity. Then there is this, we will never have all the information that we need to make an informed decision, therefor any decisions we make are incomplete. In the light of empirical observation it becomes obvious that we are going through life in a state of semi – awareness. This puts light on the disturbing fact that we are unaware of the state that we are in. hence the growing movement to “wake us up” 

 Try this (please) say to yourself “I will make my mind still”! A thought will soon arise and you will then understand that you cannot control your own thinking/mind . Think of this, if you love someone, are you actually choosing to do it, to love? It is estimated that since humans first appeared, that one hundred and eight billion people were born, of which there are around 8.2 billion still living. With (perhaps) the exception of a handful of individuals the entirety of humankind has existed in a semi- conscious state. This sounds unbelievable yet thinking and believing that beings that consider themselves aware, intelligent and civilized would have a history where thousands of war were fought killing millions upon millions of people, where millions die from starvation, where the life sustaining environment is poisoned, where trillions of dollars are spent to kill and annihilate each other and where possessions and power are deemed admiral goals – these predilections and situations are all, certainly much more unbelievable. In fact these things are so shocking that “unaware” does not adequately explain what is going on. All of these activities are more understandable when we say that the perpetrators are psychotic in that they are not in touch with what is actual.  I use the word actual because human realty is opposed to the actual world. Our lives are spent in a very narrow field of consciousness, we are mesmerized by our own crotches, having to much stuff, being better than others, having power over others, being attractive, we want to become something when we do not understand what it is we are. We engage in worshipping things we invented. We have actually narrowed down the immensity of life on global scale to petty nonsense. 

People take their thoughts for what is actual. I have told people that their god is a killer of innocent babies, people and animals and they get angry and end our friendship because they want – what? Yes why do they want this to be true? Wouldn’t the human journey be a much better journey if no one, ever brought harm to another person, and yet their  god’s do not understand this, they not only condone but actually partake in the madness, killing beings they created. Can people that have become this irrational (self serving) ever be restored to sanity? This is a profound question because human survival may depend on it. Doesn’t this observation under a certain light demonstrate that our religions are all completely wrong and destructive and should be dropped immediately? The [truth] is that people would be much safer in a world without religion. Don’t miss this, something that, if given up will aid in our survival and make the world a better place, cannot be good to begin with. This is a profound truth and people will refuse to recognize it, which tells us that, people are irrational, incoherent and clearly psychotic. Why else would someone cling to something that is on par with nuclear weapons?

Now this is a case where what we think is the culprit however in extending our observation we can see that what we are thinking and doing is the outcome of thinking itself.  Going back to one of my original questions: (“What role does thought play in our concept of self?). Somehow our identity is being propped up through our thought process, instead of thought being a tool it has become the center of our being in other words we are taking the idea of self as the actual being, thought and self have become entangled. Self is actually more software than hard drive, self is a tool that allows us to interact/interface with our surroundings nothing more. With the conceptual self at the helm we are seeking out conceptual solution’s to conceptually created  problems. With the self in this position, entangled with thought, solutions to our problems cannot be reached simply because as soon as thought arises it has the problem maker automatically built into it, this is why all of our efforts never come to complete fruition. The life we are experiencing is the culmination of eight billion  people basing their lives on self serving conceptual ideas along with fairytales all of which that revolves around something that has no actual existence. None of the changes that we all know need to happen, will never take place at least not until we see things as they truly are. Now if you heard (filtered) this through the self you may not have actually heard it. When you begin to realize what is actually going on you will understand that the “self “ is narrow sphere in which to exist. We are beings inhabiting a planet in a galaxy a vast galaxy that is expanding faster than the speed of light (space can do that) and we are not separate from any of it, unless we look at it through the eyes of a self. 

DT AKA Bill Rogan

Note: The self is an illusion and you can’t get rid of an illusion, simply because “the getting rid” that is still the illusion. Illusion ends when we stop creating it! Life is simple! 

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