The Five Components of the Zeitgeist! And, the Fleecing of the Taxpayer!

We have the Government, we have the Banks, we have the Media and we have the People, and last but certainly not least we have the Wealthy, or should I say they have us. The wealthy control the government so they have everything the way they want it. The banks run by the wealthy are the vehicle for the wealthy to fund their desires on a global scale laundering money for criminal organizations and corrupt foreign governments. The reason the people do not have a clue as to what is going on is that the media is also controlled by the money. If any thinking person knew the entire story then they could not support any member of any political organization.

The government does not act in the best interest of the American people, so it is not really a government, it is a puppet act and the propaganda machine has the public completely duped and fighting among themselves. Our country ranks near the bottom ( of the major economies) in almost every major area measuring the quality of life. Our so called government is a criminal organization and there is not one citizen that hasn’t been hurt by its policies. We need to have a (non violent) revolution because they are beyond listening, their senseless bantering and meaningless dialogue, have rendered themselves not worth listening to, they are out of control kowtowing to the rich, and are embarrassingly sycophantic. Do you want to hear more? Then consider this, the wealthy devise a plan making billions of dollars, the plan ends up nearly collapsing the entire global economy, because it’s a scheme many people lose their homes and the government bails them (the wealthy) out with the taxpayer’s money. Do you get it? The government bails out the criminals with more money from the victims. Then the wealthy give themselves bonuses (why) for the best ever so far fleecing of the taxpayer, I guess. Have you ever heard of such insanity? Do not support people that rob you and have no intention of supporting you. Wake up, wake up, wake up.!

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