Losing Your Right’s as an American Citizen.

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbids the use of the US military as a police force against its own citizens. This act was overturned by the Obama administration. Law suits that challenged the administration were eventually lost and Section 1021 of the National Defense Act became law with the full support of the Congress, yes democrats and republicans think that the military can be used to control the citizens and to hold them indefinitely without due process. 
The government is in the process of taking away the rights of the people and they know that the people will protest and perhaps even rebel, so the need for the military to squash these reactions to government corruption is self evident.  People are being imprisoned for exposing the the governments abuse of power, and it war crimes. Yes our government in the name of the American people is involved with killing the innocent people in other countries around the world. 
The United States now ranks near the bottom of all developed countries for all the important measures of the quality of life. The government is allowing corporate America to write legislation taking our rights and driving many Americans into poverty. President Trump recognized all this and used the peoples disgust with their government to gain power and now that he has it, he has accelerated the process of government socialism for the wealthy. He must be removed from office and a temporary leader installed until the constitution and the laws rewritten in a way that serves all the American people. 
It is time to start yelling and taking to the streets, telling every person in government that this must stop.    Somehow we must organize and force them to listen. 

Get a list of all your representatives and send them e mails join a group, form new groups, take the power from the wealthy and their puppets.

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