WeAre Made Of !

                                                            We Are Made Of!

With the exception of sunlight and impacts from comets and meteors, everything we are made of, (matter) was here when the Earth formed, formed out of the cosmos. We are recycled from primordial energy. Sun light allowed for the matter to leap, to a self aware conscious life form. All matter is energy, this (primordial) energy is as old or perhaps from our perspective older than the universe, regardless this energy is, the universe. Of course all of this is really academic. Yet we very rarely think of this, we are so caught up in our daily lives or trying to understand what living is and how it came about. Well, we may never know or understand how this energy (if it did)* came to be and why it has manifested, as us. Yes, we are the energy. One thing is certain the energy is responsible for a transition in itself, a transition that created beings that are self aware. Given the complexities of the processes in which the energy made this transition, intelligence, out of necessity, imbues the energy. The energy did not create something separate from itself, that would not have been possible. (Everything is energy) All notion’s of separation (between us and the energy) have arisen in the conceptual thought process of human’s, as a result of their unsuccessful endeavor to explain their own existence.   

What I think we are missing is our opportunity to awaken, to see what is actual. Consider that the energy that is responsible, for all that – is, was and ever will be – is right now, manifesting as you. This is an incredible thing to realize, knowing it intellectually as an idea is, one possibility. Is there another way to have awareness of this understanding? Perhaps a direct insight similar in the way we respond when we see the beauty in nature or when we respond to an act of love, something though, that touches the deepest layers of our consciousness. 

 If we choose to face the factual truth, of not being aware of our true nature, we in turn are faced with an existence where there is nothing to believe, nothing that is somehow in contradiction to what others believe. Yet, in not realizing our true nature the chaos of our lives past and present looms large, a chaos that arises from our inventing explanation’s, as to our true nature. Thus setting us, out on a journey, that is diametrically opposed to the simple yet immense  truth that we are the energy and we are not separate from the universe. We wander through our lives creating divisions where none exist and then we go to war over our imaginary divisions.. Further understand, the energy, knew – that it was not creating machines, therefor it had to allow us to have the possibility of a wrong turn, and that is what has happened. This wrong turn, resulted in a race of beings on the precipice of self destruction.This outcome of getting life wrong, is manifesting through the culmination of thousands of years of wars, mass starvation’s and planetary destruction. This is not the way it is supposed to be! We have missed, the point, we have taken the sacredness of all life and reduced it to an utter nonsensical quest for self aggrandizement and self serving egotistical pettiness. If we, are at all sensitive, then perhaps we can see that even our immense stupidity and ignorance is a pointer to something else. ( given a choice, we chose wrong)) People are under the impression that as a society we are advancing, instead we have been spiraling downward from the first moment when people began to think they were separate and perhaps even above nature. This concept of advancement flies in the face of the history of human self inflicted global suffering. Yes there are advances in technology yet even these under scrutiny have mainly resulted in negative effects. Today most of us walk the earth (under threat of nuclear annihilation) with advanced cell phones that were made by people with near slave wages, payed to them by companies with billions if not trillions of dollars in assets. This is not advancement this is a society that still maintains (governmental and societal sanctioned) slavery. Look at the politicians running the government of the United Sates, people acting like imbeciles and buffoons to support a political party instead of doing their sworn duty, of serving the people. The entire population of the planet is in lockstep with the continuation of the spiraling down, [of] the human potential. In spite of all this negativity there is always the possibility of the right turn. This will require a different source of action, something that does not emanate from self centered activity. ** How?

The mind is the gateway and the mind in silence is in the natural state of the energy, this is what  “ we are.” In his book on mindfulness Thick Nhat Hanh directs our minds toward the simplicity of ” just doing what we are doing no matter what the task. If your are not present in the moment (the only thing that actually exist) then we are incapable of actually living”.This is so simple yet we miss it. The most important thing is cast aside in our effort to become something when we are clueless as to what we are “right now”. Yes we must see the necessity of silence where the mind is already in a state of meditation. Our lives, our survival is dependent on us doing something entirely different because the path we are on is hurting, all of us. We have been desensitizing ourselves to our own misgivings and, (we may have gone too far). Without seeing what is actually going on we will destroy life on Earth or render it, not worth being here. We are from moment to moment, getting closer to that, and it is, a quite unnecessary outcome. 

* Time and space as we know are intertwined, space/time. Space itself in my nonscientific opinion is a form of matter, our gaseous atmosphere occupies space this space comes about as a result of a process in energy. Everything at some level is linked together. When energy forms matter the concept of time arises with it, (matter) Therefor, (tentatively) there must be something out of time, so I say “if it came to be” In other words “always existed” may be a timeless aspect of energy.  As I’ve said before there may be a continuum a moment by moment creation that gives the appearance of time yet there is only an eternal now. Energy coming in wave packets are not an even flow, it is just happening faster than we can perceive it, so it appears continuous to our senses.  What is the source of this energy? The Unknown! Meditation is the threshold to the Unknown!

**  Love is that source of action. What humans call love lacks what love means, “love is infinite care” . 

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