Zombie Apocalypse, The Un-rapture and the American Landscape.

 Zombie’s R-Us. 

Picture if you will, an entire race of beings who’s sole purpose is the gratification of primal urges, and [needs] that have arisen through an illogical view of life, demonstrably unencumbered by the clarity of healthy minds. Their original distortions are causing subsequent problematic distortions leading them to a  self perpetuated loop of cause and effect. That is to say, they cause themselves to suffer and their attempts to abate their suffering, just causes more suffering. Zombies are indeed the personification of the “idiot”. They are, so depraved, that they fail to recognize that it is their own deviant behavior, that threatens everything they purport to hold dear, including nature, the land and themselves and their children. What seems to be a highly organized effort toward self destruction,  isn’t, it is rather the dubious outcome of a global population acting under the farcical auspices of a collective moronity. A population of mesmerized morons, a hoard of willful obscurants. Oh, there are at times, flicker’s of mental illumination but they are quickly squelched and overwhelmed by a deeply seated and obsessive self centered ignorance. And yes,  there is creativity making one hopeful that the veil of ignorance is lifting, alas this creativity only confounds the Zombie and its state being. 

They have their gods but fail to see the irony of gods that act according to their ideas of how an omnipotent being would behave, i, e god takes part in their war’s, ethnic cleansing, and the blatantly delusional and twisted slaughter of babies, children and animals, making their gods cruel vindictive lunatics. Their religions make outlandish claims and the Zombies never even looked into or questioned their beliefs to see if they are sound. They have accepted these really absurd ideas like a toddler accepts a magical rabbit that brings baskets full of chocolate. They sacrifice their children for something they never took the time to look into, proving conclusively their Zombie nature. Perhaps the most incredulous thing that they believe, is that they are individual zombies, when in fact, they are all doing the exact same thing, being mindless zombies.There is not one iota of individualism in any of their actions. Individualism would only arise through the recognition, that ultimately life is one unified movement. If there is a [worst] of all aspect to the Zombie dystopia, it may be that they mindlessly reproduce, thereby exponentially increasing the Zombie and [its] ignorance.   

Can Zombies ever wake up? It seems unlikely because Zombies are unaware that they are Zombies. Studies into the Zombie ignorance, finds that “The Zombie is totally unaware of its own ignorance”. These irrefutable findings, were of course ignored and swept under the rug by the Zombies. This, then seems like a total loss of the entire Zombie population. It seems that one of the Zombie Gods, supposedly responsible for millenniums of their dystopian existence would take it upon itself to intervene. This of course cannot happen for these gods arose out of the Zombie confusion, manifesting, in what was their attempt to explain Zombie existence. Is that it then, the Zombies will exterminate themselves through violence or just plain stupidity? Perhaps not. Why? Well a Zombie wrote this. Perhaps what appears as impenetrable thick skulls are like the Zombies, flawed, meaning their skulls are cracked (figuratively), and in this instance that is a good thing. Yes the cracked skull may let in a flicker of light.  I will never give up in my quest to make the Zombie, see that “once a Zombie not always a Zombie”

                                           Zombie Conundrum, the Un-rapture  the Non Kairoi!

 The Zombie’s actually thinks, that the Zombie god will rapture them into, Zombie Paradise so that “his omnipotence” will be subjected to spending eternity in the presence of morons? Only a mindless idiot could fathom such a bizarre notion, this is indeed the Un-rapture of the Zombie.


Harsh words, but very mild considering that while I wrote this, children died for gods, wars raged killing our young, bombs were built, more and bigger wars are looming. Our effort to be secure, has made us all more insecure. We are making a tremendous effort and getting exactly what we don’t want! This is all indeed, mindless nonsense and only a real Zombie would attempt to justify it.

Dung, spreading the word about the dung of the Zombie!

PEE S: The Zombie’s don’t know they are Zombie’s because they are brainwashed, that is easy to understand because not knowing you’re programed is what brainwashing is. Adult Zombie’s program baby Zombies without being aware of what they are doing. 

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