Overcoming the Myth of Spiritual Awakening!

                            Overcoming the Myth of Spiritual Awakening! 

I am this, I will become that, and I will accomplish this via a method, a practice some form of meditation, listening to a guru the list goes on. If any of these approaches worked the rarest people on the planet would be the “unenlightened” we’d all be “The Buddha”.There is a simple reason why no methods will lead to a spiritual awakening and it is, that the achiever is an idea and the goal is an idea and an idea being a wave of mental energy cannot experience, arriving at a goal. This of course is nothing new, with the exception of synaptic connections your physical being and mental being will not be altered in any way via becoming through a mental projection. Talents, titles, abilities or letters behind our names does not alter our being. It may alter the way we and other’s think of us but that is superficial like putting on make-up. Yes you may have stored learned information in your brain but you have not become anything beyond a warehouse. Of course I am not proposing that we stop becoming trained professionals. However it is a factual statement to say that, if you think you are becoming spiritually awake through an effort originating in the self then your mind is not seeing, what is actual. There are no paths therefor no instructions to attain what you are seeking. Simply put the actual movement of existence cannot be breached by conceptualizing about breaching the actual movement of existence. 

Now to be clear this does not mean in any way that there is no such thing as being awake spiritually. There is a Buddhist lesson where the master is on the other side of the river and the novice is asking [how] he can get too the other side and the master replies “there is no how”. It sounds like gobbledygook, yet it isn’t in fact it is very simple. It is the self that wants to cross over and the self being a mental projection cannot cross over. Yet we must crossover. If we take away the self then, there is nothing to move from here to there. We must be clear that the self is a projection of the mind, it allows us to interface with our surroundings, yet that projection is  no more you than your thought’s of a tree are the real tree. Hence the myth status of being spiritually awakened. Thinking about eating when you are hungry will not sate’ your appetite just like the thought’s of being spiritual awake will not sate’ your desire. 

No one has ever been converted to being spiritually awake, it is in no way an organizing of any kind of information. Well then what is it, what is a spiritually awake person?  When a particular mind melds with the universal mind a spiritual awakening has taken place, also called our true nature. This transition takes place in meditation not a purposeful meditation, rather it is meditation, as an outcome from the mind seeing the limitation and function of thought. Obviously, though something has to change: Mind is churning away thoughts are arising much of the time without choice, these thoughts create more thoughts and feelings. We are obviously not in control of our mind. So we then say let us take control of our mind. The implication is that there is a separate entity that will take control of the mind and in actuality there is only the mind.  Awareness is key, and staying aware is an arduous task, thought keeps moving away. We can not decide to stop this mental process and force it into submission, because there is only the mind. There is only awareness there is no “I” that is aware, this is why there is no “how”. Being aware of this process is a start, staying present through breath and identifying thoughts as they arise and not getting caught by them is crucial. If we are to transform then it can only happen in the here and now, something you or no-one else can make happen, simply because we are already in the here and now it is our thought’s that are blocking, what it means to be in the here and now. We are not actually fully alive if we are not living firmly planted in the “now”.  

This is DT, reminding us all that waking up is free, being asleep is expensive. 

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