What Next?

It would come as no surprise if we went to war and lots of people were killed and maimed. And the VA would find excuses not to care for the wounded.  It would be no surprise that millions are starving to death. And I, along with many others have pleaded for all the pain to stop. Yet I know it won’t, we are a hapless and helpless lot. One gets tired, feeling bad about all the pointless suffering. Billionaires afraid of giving up a small portion of their wealth to help others. The environment is in its final stages of being able to support human life. You name it we’ve done it, destroy, kill, starve, what madness, but now in the name of all that is decent we’ve gone too far, sunk too low, pulled the last arrow from the quiver of human decency. 

 Yes the Oreo double stuffed cookie is not, dare I say a true double stuffed cookie! And at the heart of this tragedy of tragedies is Capitalism. Go ahead I dare you to say that you aren’t leaning toward, out right socialism. How long until the “Big Mac” is the “Little Mac”? Are we far away from 3rd class flight’s with passengers strapped to the wings and fuselage? Don’t laugh. 

It has been rumored that Carnival Cruise’s is considering Raft’s for what they call Floats instead of Cruises. They are mounting an ad campaign touting even the Hoi Polli (the poor) deserve a break. Pricing will reflect the passenger’s (floater’s) level of poverty. 

The Trump Administration has announced plans to shrink Yellow Stone National Park. The Park formed in 1872 occupies 3,473 square miles or 2.2 million acre. Plans are to reduce its size to a more manageable 10 yes, that is ten acres, to be patrolled by one (1) part time Ranger. The remaining land will be divided up between energy companies and Hot Spring Spa’s for the 1percent. Kellyanne  said the Spa was open to all she failed to mention the $5,000.00 a night rate. Trophy Grizzly hunts, will be put up for bid with proceeds benefiting the Trump and Clinton foundations. In case you are not aware .00001 of all funds raised goes directly to charity. 

In America and I do mean the USA depending on what study you choose, there are 43, to 100 million people living in poverty. Being prone to the use of irony I am inclined to say. That’s just Great! America!

DT, wondering just what it will take for people to say they’ve had enough. It does appear that we’ve become complacent, the hole we’ve dug for ourselves is perhaps the deepest we’ve ever looked out of.  People are so frustrated and confused they are drawn toward solutions that history has demonstrated can never work. The difference now is that there is no AMERICA to save the world. 

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