What is actually going on with life on Earth?

The following is an excerpt from a book I am working on. The book, may never, for various reason be finished. I think some of these things need to said and of course heard. I am not trying to offend anyone yet people may be offended or just dismiss this as nonsense. My point is that the living conditions on earth do not match or even come close to our self evaluation, of us, as an intelligent species.

What is actually going on with human life on this planet? It appears that we have created a way of life and we are not, in charge of it. Rather we are swept along by forces that we’ve invented and cannot control. These inventions are the result of humanities lack of understanding of what it means to be alive and from that has come a way of living that has us divided and pitted against each other and our environment. We are so engrossed and mesmerized by our inventions that we no longer even question this path we have chosen. A path that has led us to the horror’s of thousands of wars, the starvation of millions of people, the destruction of the very environment that sustains us. The cruelty toward our fellow man is an implacable statement of human depravity. Today our home, Earth sees over sixty five million of its inhabitants forced from their homes and left to wander in search of food and another home. There are nearly eight billion people as I write this and we are trying to deal with the problem of growing numbers while we destroy the land and environment that we need to sustain so many. And here again we fail to see the actual problem. It is the lack of understanding of life that has people thinking that baring children is a reason to live. Then there is the sex drive, over powering uneducated and weak minds. These issues are of course handed down from one generation to the next, by virtue of people that do not understand life educating their children with and through their own ignorance. And then there is the actual problem of self annihilation from any given number of reasons, from a nuclear holocaust, climate disaster or environmental degradation. We reproduce knowing full well that we cannot provide our children with a secure and nurturing environment. There are indications that our children are becoming aware of this inherent abuse of them.  If we don’t start to face the actual problem then we will never find a cure for humanities woes. We will instead struggle against the symptoms until the real disease erases us from existence. 

So, in many ways we are lesser creatures than our cousins the chimpanzee’s. It does not matter how intellectually gifted one may be, or that one may espouse a high level of self proclaimed sanctity the fact is that these traits aren’t addressing the  fact that there is something terribly wrong with the way humanity is living. In fact when we consider, what could have been for humanity, then we are not actually fully alive. And even worse than defiling our home “Earth” we have soiled  and desecrated our very humanity. 

I will certainly be condemned for this book and its assessment of humanity, however this needs to said and taken seriously. We are running out of time. 

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