Prejudice, Take it a bit Further and it becomes, RIGHT!

Somewhere in the human operating system is a bit of soft ware that makes a person wary of beings that are different than themselves. This is a completely sensible function given the dangers for humans in their early environment. What happened with this software is not completely clear, however we can see that it became entangled with thought and the ego self. What is important is to see that we all have it,  and the purpose it served was once viable however today it must be seen as outdated and our intelligence should have it under control.

Today people look at races and nationalities as if they were divided or separate from themselves, when in actuality the division is not a true division. The division is created in the way we are thinking therefor looking at and seeing other people. Don’t forget we are all human. So yes, I am afraid that if you are prejudice it is not the fault of those you are prejudiced against, in truth it is your, – fault. Unless the lens we use to look at people through is crystal clear then we cannot actually see them clearly. Seeing clearly as far as the human species is concerned, is too see that we are all the same species.

Here’s how: The prejudiced feeling is a [right function], in that it is part of our awareness as a human, so we can recognize someone that differs from us in appearance. That ability has become entangled with thought and ego self. Our intelligent hard drive should override the old software program in the knowledge that we are responding via our own (old) software which has become outmoded. Further still, we can now see that we all have the same programing,  this means that we are all of the same species. Grasping this fact is too grasp part of your own humanity.  So for the species to advance we all must see this, not to see it is to go against what it means to be human. This again, in itself shows us, that we are part of the movement of life, it is an affirmation that you are important because without you seeing the truth, then the entirety of humanity is being held back.

So show your intelligence and never again be (not so smart) by being prejudice.

This is DT in NH saying, if love is not universal then the entirety of all our lives, is incomplete. This is a fact and if you have a god it knows this, is a fact.

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