More on Free Will!

We are free to choose but we are not free to choose what we choose. Sometimes! When we ask why we chose something who is it that we expect to answer? Whether or not we are responsible for our actions we will still be held accountable, knowing that will make most people”not take another life” even though they might want too. So you are choosing and you know why. The key to “free’ – lies in the word “from” . From is a contingency and as long as the contingency exist, then the state of freedom is impossible. So the question is this: Is there a part of consciousness that is not influenced by knowledge? IE Unencumbered Freedom. If there is no such “space” then the question will be debated until human consciousness comes to an end. Because you cannot understand what you do not have. Being free to ask why you choose what you choose doesn’t mean you are free. Having a choice is actually in some cases a sign of confusion, because when your mind is clear you do not choose, you act

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