Killing with an Assault Rifle!

The tragedy of just one murder victim is unacceptable yet we have come to accept the unacceptable as a matter of course. It is true that in countries that have banned assault rifles there are far less mass shootings and murders.Yet given all the facts of our history and the current global circumstance, banning assault rifles would be a foolish undertaking. If we want to consider statistical murder rates let us not forget that when the German army could not shoot their citizens fast enough with fully automatic weapons they resorted to gas chambers. World history is fraught with mass killings of civilians by their perspective militaries. (Stalin had as many as 60 million Russians Executed) Then there is the marauding rebel groups slaughtering their own citizens first raping the younger women. Yes there have been thousands of our citizens killed by unstable people, but there have been millions actually hundreds of millions killed by unstable governments. 

Today the government of the United States is perhaps one of the most unstable institutions on Earth. Under president Obama the laws were changed that prevented our government from using the military against us, the writing is on the proverbial wall. If assault rifles are banned then we are removing a very strong deterrent to those that will kill us. Fact, Japan was deterred from an invasion of our homeland because of the large number of privately owned rifles. Remember what the Japanese did to the citizens of Nanking. Fact with the German Army massing across the channel the government of England regretted their tight gun control laws and ended up asking American and Canadian private citizens to send their weapons and ammunition. US history has shown us that the government has already used the military against its citizenry. Kent State the Ohio National Guard shot and killed 4 unarmed protesters.The US Cavalry slaughtered defenseless native American woman and children at Wounded Knee. You can research the US military attacking the citizens and you will  find that we are not safe from our own government. Why are police departments armed with APC’s and Tanks, let alone fully automatic weapons? Police departments are actively hunting black men and women and preying on poor white communities. Our police department’s are unleashing predators to extract money from poor people and to intimidate citizens through violence, killing with impunity.  

We are awash in hypocrisy, people are saying we must stop these senseless mass shootings (and we can reduce them maybe eliminate them) yet many of the same people are not yelling “stop spending a trillion dollars a year for organized killing. We are society that invest heavily in killing yet when it come to executing a single person on death roe, we botch it up. Large drug companies say they don’t want their drugs used to take a life while patients die because they can’t afford over priced pharmaceuticals. Then drug companies flood the country with opiates causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Then most and perhaps all the media, corporate and independent alike, tries to incite people through smug remarks about firearms, not to reduce deaths but to increase ratings. Yes hypocrisy is everywhere. And of course what I just said is not true of everyone. We should not group everyone together and the same is true about firearm ownership. According to studies there are over a billion small arms spread through out the world, and 857 million are in civilian hands. Of this number 393 million are in the hands of US citizens. One incident of murder as I said is too much however we should  not ignore or overlook the very small percentage of violence associated with gun ownership.

The so called gun nuts are not decrying the movement toward gun control as vehemently as usual because the government has convinced them that Muslims, Mexicans and Black People are a greater threat. Our government has stopped serving the people in favor of the wealthy. This is unfolding as many people have predicted, capitalism is failing under its own weight because it is actually an unsustainable (as practiced) economic system. Our government through tax schemes and funding for the rich is now stealing from the poor and vanishing middle and lower classes. When collapse comes and people rebel they will  be crushed by the people controlling the Army. If you support banning assault weapons then you are naive and foolish and you’ve been duped by people that when the time comes will take your life like the deranged killers you fear. As dangerous as these rifles can be, they may be your only chance of surviving, what is to come. And do not think for one second that I want to be right about this however prudence tells us to always err on the side of caution.

This is DT trying to make sense of what we’ve made of our lives. AKA Bill Rogan

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