Trump Support!

It will not take long to show you that Trump is unfit to serve as President. What will it say about those that still support him after understanding that he is indeed unfit. Most people understand why Trump was elected to office, it was because the people of this country came to the realization that their government no longer served them.Trump promised to change Washington and he actually  is making it  worse, much worse since he’s taken office. If you can read what I am about to state and still support Trump then your fitness to live in the United States of America is in question and you may want to consider leaving. 

“He’s not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” The remarks, which came after days of back-and-forth between McCain” Haven’t you noticed Trump is either fighting with someone or firing someone. 

POW’s American Servicemen All captured by the enemy!

WW1      4,120         Died as POW  147

WW2     130,201      Died as POW  14,200

Korea    7,140          Died as POW  2,700

Vietnam 725            Died as POW  64

Civil War 348,000     Died as Pow 48,000  These numbers are for both sides.

Trump doesn’t like these men and women. A man with a bone spur afraid to serve, said he doesn’t like these soldiers.

I did not  gather the number of sacrifices made in The Iraq wars, Afghanistan and all the other conflicts where Americans were captured and sometimes paid the ultimate price. 

These numbers each and everyone one is a life that our Commander and Chief doesn’t like. He actually makes me sick and if you support him in this contemptible behavior then you must see your mistake and correct it. Trump as a private citizen is a disgrace as Commander and Chief he soils the office by his presence. In case you are wondering I served our country during the Vietnam War and yes I was in combat and received a citation for bravery during action at Ben Het. 

Bill Rogan, AKA  Dung Teller FYI In the Vietnamese language “Dung” references beauty. 

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