A message to VPR/NPR

I just received an e mail solicitation from Brynn Carris, the email alludes to our need for responsible journalism along with, all of us trying to be more thoughtful of the world we all create as a whole. I think that NPR & VPR make an effort to bring us unbiased reporting. I do listen to your station and it has been some time since I contributed to it. The main reason for this is that you are not who you say you are. When I want to hear what is really going on which is all the time, I turn to independent broadcaster’s. Chris Hedges, Rick Sanchez, David Pakman etc.

It comes down to funding, and your funding sources do  not allow for what you know we need now more than ever, objective journalism. If you go to the link below and read “Trump Support” you will have just one of many examples as to why president Trump is un fit to be our president. Also it has become so blatantly obvious that our major political parties are not interested in serving the country they instead serve the oligarchs. read! “ A message to the Government of the United States.

If you have the courage then it is time to report your own hypocrisy or be forced to face the fact that you have not done your best at a time when the people you say you serve need it the most.

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