Making America Not So Great!

While US citizens rally around their candidates, the people they want running their government, it turns out that the electorate is cheering on the very people that are making their lives more and more difficult. This irony also takes shape with the realization that instead of the quality of life advancing it is digressing for the average citizen. So much for the modern age. For many dystopia has arrived and for many more it is just around the corner.

Make America great again. It won’t be easy because it is the government that is at the center of the US’s slip toward third world country status. Think not; consider these alarming statistics. 

The US ranks # 34 on life expectancy out of 144 countries. 

Here is where we stand on other critical issues. #41 infant mortality, # 58 Primary education, #28 overall education, #47 in Math & Science, # 42 labor/employer cooperation, # 34 Government corruption, # 42 Govt. bribes, #54 trust in politicians, #76 Govt. waste, # 136 Debt as percentage of GDP, # 14 on availability of latest technology, # 24 Internet access, # 69 effective taxation, # 103 total tax rate, # 47 on procedures to start a business. We are rapidly declining, because the Govt. has ceased to function, and the citizens have all been duped. We are caught in a storm of ignorance and there are no easy fixes. One thing is certain, we are not going in the right direction.

This lockstep march to dystopia is only possible because the people are letting it happen. An election will not fix this. The American society is unfolding as one would expect a society run by stupid morons to unfold. An intelligent species would not be in our current situation.

Wake up! For your own sake!  DT

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