Suing the US Congress in The Hague AKA The World Court.

A letter to ” On Contact”

I’ve been observing Chris Hedges for a while now and reading some of his books and I wanted to ask what he would think about suing the US Congress at the World Court in The Hague. He has brought cases against US administration’s. I imagine the crimes perpetrated by the Congress to be quite obvious yet I’m compelled to continue. 
We are talking about crimes against humanity and clear violations of the oath of office. Legislation has been passed or negated that clearly jeopardizes human life. Air is being polluted, patients are dying, wars are being waged, civilians are being bombed laws are being written that favor corporations and the list goes on. 
Perhaps the utter failure to have a workable and fair tax code, showing an obvious incompetence or more likely a beneficial contrived struggle is a clear demonstration of providing yourself with a purpose. The American electorate are naive and unfortunately not thinking critically about their government. 
As you are aware the recent report by the Trump administration’s DOT concluded that by 2100 global temperatures rise will make human life unsustainable hence the deregulation of clean air standards was a “it’s to late”  decision that they made for the entire planet. Clearly this was not their decision to make. This alone is a crime for the World Court to adjudicate.
Cleary the US Government is out of control and no longer serves the interest of the people. If they, meaning all the members of the Senate and The House of Representatives are not forced to leave office and make retribution by serving time in prison and doing public service then a total societal collapse is almost inevitable. In fact  a recent study and report by the US military staled the very same prediction. We are running out of time, these political charlatans must be stopped and brought to justice. There are some members of the Congress that are not blatantly criminals however their lack of objection’s to the direction of the government is a form of compliance.

DT in New Hampshire. 

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