Shakespeare! With no Role!

All the world is a stage and all the women and men merely players upon it. Something like that I guess. Now imagine you are on the stage with no role to play. If roles are inclusive and all encompassing then some players are on stage and their role is to have no role. How do you play a part that has no lines, seemingly no purpose? Is the director without compassion or perhaps sadistic? You become frustrated because you have nothing to add no personal traits (except for doubt) from where personal input would arise? Certainly you feel ostracized because you can not be involved. Perhaps at times you watch the other actors around you and start to ad-lib? You wonder perhaps there is no casting! You may see that none of it really makes any difference, it is all just acting.The one certain thing you know is that you can not imagine what it is like to have a role, a solid ground, on which place your feet. You have become chronically self conscious because you are in a role that you are not equipped to play. You struggle and try to understand, it all seems meaningless. Roles or no roles, either way it is all just an act. However everyone else has a passion to play their part, at least they do from your perspective. You while on the stage, feel lost in this role, but that is not your role. It is a reaction to your role and the director should cue you to get back into the role of no role. Perhaps though even your reaction of pain and frustration is part of the act.  The curtain falls only when you die, you slip back stage out of view, you are shrouded in sorrow and despair, crying ensues resulting from the realization that there is no love in acting. To have no role and to be on the stage is the source of great sadness and sorrow, but to be on the stage and not know it is an act, is the the source of even greater sorrow, the sorrow of mankind. “To be or not to be that is the question.” Shakespeare is pointing out that, indeed the world is a stage and we are actors in a self-contrived tragedy. It is our lack of awareness that we are playing a role that makes the act a tragedy. Of course it does not have to be this way, (to be or not to be) unfortunately we think that not having no role equates to being nothing. This gives rise to a reality that seems so unreal — because it is. [CUT] It is as Shakespeare tells us, just an Act. Now the player with no role sees that his real “part” is to point out that it’s just a “Play” with various roles. Roles that are somehow mesmerizing, lulling the players to sleep. Now I’ve come to understand that we are all acting and that I have a part, one that I would have never auditioned for. And the most profound question presents itself, what is there, when the curtain is lifted and we remove the mask represented by the roles we are playing?  THE END!!


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