A Clear Mind!

What is the Universe doing? Is it manifesting through us, it would appear to be so. The fact that life is a struggle is an indication that we have made a wrong turn. Instead of saying “we don’t know” early humans invented explanations thus condemning mankind to lives of “becoming”. We are becoming, in the sense of satisfying the invented creator or whatever, so we can gain heaven or some other better version of ourselves.. Why would the Universe manifest as beings, that face a life of struggle to understand something none of us have asked for.? This observation either means humans have got it all wrong or the Universe is whacko! Which do we think is more likely? A still mind is key, where all this nonsense is going on. So meditation is really thought seeing things as they are and the result is stillness. Don’t get hung up on anything, the mind is, stillness is, god is. We are hung up on the the concepts of right and wrong these concepts are the outcome of confusion a clear mind does not choose it acts. We aren’t there yet! We can override programmed reactions and choices that would require intelligence, we are not there yet!

This is DT on the road to ending confusion.

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