Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self!

Gods view is this, you and your neighbor are the same. God does not see or recognize a division. Now if you look at “Self Salvation” you will immediately become aware that you cannot and will not have self salvation until your neighbors salvation is just as important as your own. In trying to save our selves we have created a global disaster that unfolds and grows on an exponential basis. The false separation of self from the rest of humanity is the source of untold suffering and it will not end until you see you neighbor “all of them” in the same light as you see yourself in.

So you can stop wondering why the world is in a mess. Thus far we have all wasted our entire lives in  pursuit of self,  are you going to waste the rest of your life?  One of the most perplexing things about people seeking self salvation is that you have to argue with them about keeping their children safe because the seeking of self salvation has made our earth a most dangerous and unsafe place. 


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