Jesus commanded that we love God & Thy Neighbor!

I don’t think that it is possible to command someone to love, especially an omnipotent being, this would be clouded by motives for self salvation. The barrier between god and people is not an actual barrier it has been constructed in the human psyche. As long as the barrier is present there is “God and man” . It is up to us to look and see the barrier. I see it very clearly when I stop and look. The self is constantly getting in the way. The self as you know must be surrendered, but it is very tricky. It is the self that wants to surrender the self, in order to gain something. In the land of purity there is no gaining. God simply is, there is nothing to do. it is all done. Your mind is already there, when thought grows naturally quiet god is. Why wouldn’t God be just there? 

Wanting, no matter what it is,,, is being lost. How could we possibly know what it is we should want? If you know then you know why God did what he did and how he did it. You can’t know this, because it is not with-in the field of knowledge. 


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