US Elections nothing quite as STUPID!

I remember as a child when election time would roll around there would be a frenzy almost everywhere, political rallies, news rooms abuzz, ugly campaign signs plastered everywhere and the bars would close. We can’t have intoxicated people deciding who is going to run our government, can we.? People would cast their vote and then go to the bar “they weren’t really closed” you would go up and knock on the back door for recognition and entry. To me all this excitement about electing republicans or democrats or independents is analogous to to Jews in Germany getting all excited about the Nazi take over. Is this a distasteful stretch? Perhaps to some extent, but if you don’t think people are dying because of our elected officials you are misinformed and even oblivious. Getting excited and even hopeful about the outcome of our elections is the same as getting all excited about being held-up. Okay it is worse at least an armed robber isn’t pretending to care about you. So today instead of possible drunkards electing our government we have organized criminals from our courts and  corporate board rooms picking the contenders while billions of dollars is steered to the media to spread propaganda to the masses. Here is where STUPID comes in like an avalanche. How could anyone that is sane possibly think that the US government along with State and local governments has the peoples best interest in mind? The only logical conclusion is stupidity. Never have so many been so duped and so screwed by so few. Have no fear it will change simply because it has to, we cannot sustain the level of ignorance that our government has set in motion in every direction where the quality of our lives can be measured. We have been going in the wrong direction for many years and we are guilty of cheering on the people that have made us politically, economically and nationally more insecure than, than any society that can actually think – should find itself. Think about it, monkeys have a better social structure than humans. Bulletin, Bulletin orangoutangs bundle tree nest mortgages, forest chimps coerced into borrowing too much experience housing collapse, bailout ensues economy nearly collapses, orangoutangs get huge bonus, chimps pay for bailout. Never happen , only in America!


Look into what is going on, look away from mainstream media because they are driven by money not freedom. For many US citizens third world status is a reality. The people in Washington have sold out the country. They are the truly stupid among us. .

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