The Impeachment!

If this impeachment process was going on in an asylum for the extremely mentally ill it would then be a plausible discourse. If the antics of our Government both major parties and independents included were taking place inside an institution that had to answer to somebody or was responsible to accomplish something then the entire staff would be fired. In some cases however some of the staff would be locked up for stealing from the origination. This government of ours is a disgrace and an embarrassment on the world stage and that takes some doing given the condition of our world. This entire situation is a fiasco and the participants are too dull and stupid to realize they are acting like buffoons and imbeciles on the world stage. The United Staes is in free fall and there is no one to pull the rip cord, except the American people. We must not wait for an election we must force these idiots out of our government. Yes our government. Right now our elections are just more of the same criminality. The politicians have gotten the idea that they can do whatever they want, continually making fools of the people. If you vote you are telling them that what they are doing is okay. A massive on going shut down is the only thing that will save us. Wake up America. I hope it is not too late. 

Bill Rogan AKA

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