No Country for Anyone, Except the Wealthy.

See” Richard Wolfe/Bob Hennelly, Democracy at Work.

See” Richard Wolfe/Bob Hennelly, Democracy at Work.

The vicious circle of wealth. Wealth is basically attained by the few selling something to the many. Think of defense contractors making money by selling the government weapons. (paid for by all of us) When taxes aren’t enough or avoided to pay for war then the government borrows from the wealthy in order to buy weapons from them (the wealthy). The government and defense contractors have wisely spread spending through out the states thereby getting legislators and the people to support the wars.  The US as a single nation spends more on defense than the combined spending of the next ten (10) nations. According to a Gallup Poll the rest of the world sees us the United Sates as the greatest threat to world peace. This is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind nor is it the will of the people, our government is out of control in fact our government is not even a government, it is an oligarchy.


The United States has been at war in Afghanistan since 2001 and Iraq is a similar time frame. I am not going to talk about the loss of life, the worst aspect of these wars. (1) Do you know how these wars are being financed? (2) Do you know why we aren’t being taxed to pay for these wars as we go along? (3) Do you know why you don’t know the answers to these questions?

(1) The current wars are being paid for with borrowed money. Usually wars are financed by tax increases and government bonds.

(2) We are not being taxed for these wars because the tax increase needed to finance these wars would cause the American tax payer to protest. The financial burden for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is estimated to be at 6.4 trillion dollars and rising, interest payments alone are in the hundreds of billions.  Eventually these funds will have to come from the tax payer.

(3) You don’t know the answer to this questions because the US government doesn’t want you to know, and they passed an emergency resolution for funding etc. Very sneaky of them!

Who has money to lend to our Government? The wealthy of course. The war debt now must combine with the bailout of capitalism from the 2008 crash. The level of US debt is currently unprecedented and if companies that borrowed cheap money,  and people in upside down mortgages and our government all default on  this debt,  then our society will collapse.

 Consider that for 3 years in a row life expectancy in the US has gone down, if we were a developing nation the world bank would tell hey your not doing so well. Our current president took advantage of the worsening situation for the US citizens and won his job. He has accelerated our decline on every front. Forty four million Americans make less than 18K per year. These people are in a weak position and have no reserve for a steep economic down turn that is already hitting other countries. The Congress along with the entire government is run by imbeciles, cowards and petty thieves. History will show them as such. And history will wonder what were the people doing while their country was being destroyed from the inside. History will not show the US citizen in positive light., The US citizen will be shown to taking sides and fighting for the people that are destroying them. The leaders have divided the followers so the leaders can steal from all the followers. The perfect analogy of “The blind leading the blind.

Wake up America, we are running out of time.



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