Killing Each Other!

On our planet where we consider ourselves to be intelligent and advancing as a species, there is a lot of evidence to dispute those considerations. For instance no one knows how many bullets have been fired by human beings for the purpose of killing other human beings. Consider that some machine gun crews during WWI accounted for the expenditure of a billion rounds. There are estimates that humans have fired at least 50 Trillion bullets at each other. I myself think the number is far greater than that. The estimates for the amount of humans killed in wars since organized killing became fashionable is as high as one (1) billion people. This number does not include the millions of homicides that have taken place since people began to interact (unsuccessfully) with each other. The fact that we can read this, become aware of it and not be shocked or appalled and do everything in our power to understand it so that it comes to an end, is nearly as disturbing as the actual killing, ISN’T IT? It should be, but it isn’t.

We have become so desensitized that we accept the unacceptable on a regular basis. The entire stream of consciousness in the United States has been distorted and it now appears that we have made a conscious decision to forgo logic. Our current leaders are doing what tyrannical leaders always do, that is, they divide the people so they can go about taking from the people unnoticed. Republicans and Democrats have sold out their constituents which means they are acting fraudulently in that they are in violation of their sworn duty to serve the people. What they are doing is far worse than just fraud because they are enabling corporations to take advantage of all of us. The government also provides money to corporations and those same corporations turn around and gouge the public.

With our propensity to kill each other I am wondering how long they (the government) think the people will stand for this? Of course the Obama administration made sure that the military can be used against the people. Before it comes to that I suggest we shut the country down along with a list of demands and shut it down until the governments does what it is supposed to do, and that is work for the people.


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