Letter to Ralph Nader.

This is a response to Mr. Nader’s “In the Public Interest”

Dear Mr. Nader,

Let’s face it, your ” In the Public Interest” seems to be falling on deaf ears. I think it is time to see that we are beyond words. “The pen is mightier than the sword” only if people can read or are inclined to do so. You are certainly astute enough to realize that many of the people that are supporting Trump were driven there by the Democrats. Our country is without a legitimate government and it is being held together by a very shaky framework. Force is the only thing that will save the country now, even if Trump is voted out of office the situation will not improve. Trumps removal will further divide the people and with the Democrats back in power corruption {as usual} will ensue. There is still a chance that force can be non violent, but I fear that chance is fading fast. We are in truth actually indebted to Mr. Trump for he is openly putting on display for all to see “the depths of depravity to which our government has sunk. He could not be doing what he is doing in a sane and honest government or society for that matter. 

It is is time for the American people to unite, creating a list of demands and then shutting the country down until those demands are met. You sir and people like you are our only hope. If we let fear stop us then we are lost and will be forced to live dystopian shameful lives.

Bill Rogan AKA DT

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