Rush Limbaugh/ The Medal of Freedom!

If one is religious, then this conclusions follows. “God has had enough of Rush Limbaugh” Further if you listen to Mr. Limbaugh then God just might share this cancer with you or someone you care about. Time for Limbaugh to repent and apologize for leading the dim witted on their pilgrimage of idiocy. Amen! I am not religious, so I am just surmising as too how they might feel about Mr. Limbaugh’s condition.

The social cancer that is plaguing our country and the world for that matter didn’t just arise in the last few generations, no the seeds of anti compatible ism and a complete societal wrong turn have been with us from the very beginning. Mr. Limbaugh was astute enough to make a good living by appealing to our negative side and making hate appear to be normal. Hate however is not normal it is a distortion brought about in the human psyche through a lack of clarity.

Limbaugh could not have achieved the success he did in a world governed by decency. The medal of freedom award further solidifies our President’s deranged view of realty. I can also assure you that Mr. Trump is just acting out a role that his mind has contrived through his twisted concepts of what he thinks it means to be a human being. We have placed the leadership of our country into the hands of an imbecile, his administration and his party have abandoned logic there-by giving them leeway to forgo their sworn duty to serve their country. Every person that voted to acquit the president is openly guilty of aiding and abetting high crimes and misdemeanors. If the common citizen did this they would be apprehended and incarcerated. The Republican party with the exception of Mitt Romney is under arrest.

Dung Teller AKA Bill Rogan.

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