The Divided States of America!

My fellow Americans: Those words no longer impart the all inclusive feeling that they did just a short time ago. What if anything is different about us than just ten years ago? Without a doubt the once robust middle class is shrinking and the divide between the haves and the have nots is reaching extremes. These are manifestation’s of what is happening to us. I think we must recognize the difference between being led and being manipulated. Our government is under the control of big money. Laws are actually written by corporations for the corporations benefit and put into effect by our legislature. Tax dollars are given to corporations for research  and then the corporations gouge the American consumer. We can no longer say “Our Government”.  Mark Twain said “it is easier to fool people than to get them to admit they’ve been fooled”  We have been fooled and we’ve been deceived. In truth there is little difference between us now than there was ten years ago. Yes there are extremist but they are always with us. 

The major difference today and what is fueling the divide is our leadership, and it is both major parties that have not only divided us but have solidified the divide. Party loyalty has superseded loyalty to the country, the people. Until this is rectified our situation will not only not improve it will worsen. The reason it will worsen is like an avalanche because the deteriorating situation has to be continually fueled with negativity. This is what our leadership is doing. Why would they do this? The objective is to hold power this allows access to the Treasury. It is that simple they are stealing our money. Real money billions of dollars are at stake. Leaders should unite the people they do not fuel the divisions. When things are going good you don’t see all this in fighting. Our attention is diverted and problems are being blamed on those that are not in any real power to cause the problems attributed to them. Election’s are not likely to bring the needed change, fortunately they are not our only option. Non violent force through demonstration will work only it must be organized. We should all do everything in our power to take back our government before violence is the only solution.

Bill Rogan, AKA Dung Teller

Acworth, NH 

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