A Brief History of Humanity!

How we got here on this planet is of course part of our history. It is an ongoing debate as to how this occurred. We have science and religions offering explanations, saying that you favor one view over the other puts you at odds with the opposition. These opposing camps are in themselves diverse and there can be civil discourses all the way to violent confrontations between them when trying to prove their point. These confrontations have become part of our history. Till this day if we are truly honest we will ultimately have to admit that no matter what evidence we’ve uncovered no matter what we believe, we still do not know the how and the why. Science has narrowed it down thus we are facing “everything from nothing”, but no how the transition occurred. Religions have faired no better they have whittled it down to “god works in mysterious ways”. The obvious state of humanity is “not knowing” and saying we know prevents us from looking further. In all honesty much of humanity’s tumultuous history has arisen out of disagreement over what we truly and honestly do not know. Institutions and countries have actually resulted from these divisions, the United States owes its beginnings to the Pilgrims who fled Europe seeking religious freedom. If we trace the history of many of our current nations you will uncover a religious foundation. 

Therefor it is a perfectly logical extrapolation in concluding that the basis of our global society is founded on structures that are the result of erroneous opinions. Our global history and current situation actually lend credence to this conclusion. We have endured thousands of wars with millions dead, starvation claiming millions more, all while we destroy the environment that sustains us. The stream of human consciousness is caught in a trap of its own making. We have turned reproducing into our raison d’ être, it gets worse. Once children are here we have nothing to give them except the world we’ve created in our ignorance. Our children are realizing that we are making more life without understanding it. We think we are advancing while our lives are becoming more arduous and stressful, which indicates we are oblivious. We are desensitized accepting the unacceptable. Until we recognize things as they are, do what you will. Nothing changes, our truth is “we do not know”.

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