A person does not set out to be a leader, the people understand that certain individuals can see or accomplish things that most of us can not. Leaders are selected,  because they have a sense of life beyond themselves, therefor a leader is willing to think and act for more people, rather than just him or herself.*    

Our current President is a narcissist somehow everything is about him. He will do anything to hold on to power not because he is trying to help the people of the United States but because he is using the office to benefit himself. He has not delivered on most of his campaign promises and he is back once again spewing the same lies. If there is anyone still supporting Mr. Trump after all the damage he has done to our country, to the very idea of human decency, then they are naively ignorant or they have criminal intent. The methods Trump is using to divide the people are not new, many dictators have used them. Listen to him, he is always attacking someone or telling people why they should hate certain people or entire nationalities or races, this is not a leader, it is a tyrant. 

The fact that many Republicans and members of Fox News have condemned him for his actions is a clear indication of Trumps ill will toward our country. Even Judge Napolitano has condemned Trumps illegal acts. In an effort to hold power Trump has compromised the very institutions that we need to defend our freedoms from people like Trump. I understand why Trump was elected (our government was sold to the wealthy) however he himself since taking office has made everything that was bad even worse much worse.  Trump is hurting all of us, including the very people supporting him. Trump is a bumbling imbecile and he is making our country a global laughing stock, and much much worse, he is contributing to global instability. Trump belongs in prison and the people that support and enable his criminal activity also belong in prison. Imagine getting nearly 400 million dollars given to you and going bankrupt, not once but 6 times. Trump always brags and praises himself, referring to himself as “a stable genius”. If he were really rich then he would be broadcasting his Tax Returns all over the media. he would  not miss this opportunity. He is still lying about Russian interference in the 2016 election. It is common knowledge now that the Russians did interfere and on one occasion Mr Trump even asked them too. “Russia if you are listening please get Hillary Clinton’s E mails” If you support Trump and are objective then ask yourself how you would treat a democrat that did these things. You would want that person out of office immediately. Trump should be out immediately and we all know it. 

DT AKA Bill Rogan

* Words spoken by Sadhguru, in a recent talk. I have edited them to suit my statements.

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