Artificial Intelligence & Right & Wrong

Before I begin I want to make it clear that I am only pointing out the empirical observations and tentative conclusions of my own mind.

Recently I was told that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could never match human mental ability simply because we can not program a machine to decide the difference between right and wrong.This means that right and wrong are not contingent upon clearly defined parameters of intellectual knowledge. The reason for this is that human interaction is a dynamic process with potentially unlimited possibilities. Situations will always arise that could not have been foreseen and the arguments about justification for our actions are seemingly endless. However complexity prevails: The ultimate reason that AI cannot be programmed to make right or wrong decisions has less to do with these facts than this actuality. We (humanity) do not ourselves know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Right versus wrong are just variable potential courses of action that have arisen in the human psyche and resulting conditioning. I say variable because what is right for some is wrong for others and these variables fluctuate across a broad spectrum of human behavior. This is true because we are taking part in something we have no basic understanding of. i.e. (Life) The notion of right or wrong are the outcome of a lack of clarity, which is clearly displayed in our never ending conflicts about what is right or wrong. If it is a decision a process of knowledge whether to inflict pain or not to inflict pain on someone, you are just [confused], right and wrong is just nonsense. A clear mind knows it should not cause pain, there is nothing to decide. Enter: Justifiable homicide, – in no way makes the taking of life a right action “someone is doing something to kill you and you kill them to stop them. ( two wrongs don’t make a right)* This for humanity makes something right (justifiable) which in truth can never be right. It is the limited field of our consciousness that allows us to think something we intuitively know to be against our nature, is somehow justifiable. We have programmed ourselves to think and act in certain ways because we do not understand (life) what we are. Think of this you are watching the sun rise and as the rays enter the atmosphere they fall upon a church, a university and a government building. The sun rise is what is actual, the three buildings are part of a human reality. The church is there to worship the creator, of which there are many, the university is there to try to understand the creator and the government is there because the first two aren’t succeeding. Yes the government has other duties but its primary function is to wage war. We wage war with others because we differ on what is right and what is wrong. There are as many examples of what is right and what is wrong as there are minds, to decide it. Even our Supreme Court is alway split, as our the gods we have. And when you, (hopefully) “see clearly” then you will see and understand that there is nothing to decide. A clear mind knows it should not do harm to others. A clear mind knows that it is not separate, it is one with all that is. It is because we do not have a relationship with the divine* that we’ve invented morales and the concepts of right and wrong. How then do we reach “this” understanding? Since you are already “this” you must stop “doing” and just be silent, the rest will happen. Sit and be aware there is nothing more important.  


* I use the terms right and wrong because they relate to our way of thinking, they are embedded into minds. Outside of the human field of consciousness they have no relevance. They are part of the total human delusion, that is, that we are projecting a realty because we are not aware of our true nature. The fact is that we are indeed creating this delusion and the twist is that the illusion is real, it is a reality (reading further) like the church, university and the government building. So I am using the words right and wrong from inside the concept of the illusion and not the actuality of our true nature where right and wrong are not actualities. 

  • This term “Divine” is a descriptive word that I have used in the past. I want to point out that I recently listened to a video by Sadhguru, where he used the term “divine” and that triggered me to use it here. I’ve referred to “our true nature” in many other articles. It is not my intent to plagiarize Sadhguru in fact I am recommending that everyone listen to him. He appears to have a deep understanding of the movement of life and a very wonderful method of passing that understanding on to us. Below is a youtube title that explains all you need to know. It is not a link you will need to search for it. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of listening to him. 

The REAL Spirituality IS The Shift From Mental Activity To Life That You Really Are! Sadhguru

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