First, I don’t want you to think that I am claiming to have any special knowledge or insight into life/death. I do not. Second I want you to think about how we as people understand things. First there is intellectual understanding an example is the way you understand,- perhaps, the plot of a movie or a book you are reading. Then there is deep understanding an example of this would be the way you feel  – love,  (  not sexual) you are touching, experiencing more deeply. The important thing here is the realization that we can understand at a deeper level. In some ways it is intuition. There is no division between these two levels. When our body dies what we are our true nature is just there, death is not required to waken to our true nature. 

So what is death? The body dies and we want to know if there is anything (of us ) that transcends death. Yes there is, it is our very essence. Consider what life actually is, it is a force and much more, life cannot die just the body dies. When (the body) can  no longer hold or support life, then our body dies — life leaves it. However that life is still, — well, alive!  

Now we may look at this as having some negative aspects because what we identified with “our body” is no more. However that is a view from our impermanent side. Our permeant side, what we actually are was not born nor will it die. Life is eternal. Yes we came to love the people close to us, however the big picture is [life] and how it manifest in many different ways. We are all part of something immense something beautiful, we are not loosing as individuals rather we are expanding into a unified movement.

So if we reach a deeper understanding of what I just explained intellectually, then there is no separation. We are actually aware of the eternal in us, how can we have this awareness, without dying? Suppose someone said to you, that if your  mind wasn’t out of control, then you would be able to reach this depth, of understanding. The secret is to be aware, just aware.  In awareness you will notice that thoughts just arise without choice. Se hat is going on, don’t try to stop it, just be aware, that is all it takes. It is not easy the mind keeps churning away, we are so heavily conditioned. I think it is a shocking  moment when we understand that we are not in control of our own minds. What we are taking for actual life is mostly our thinking, conditioned by people that did not know what life was.. As long as this goes on we cannot be fully alive. 

I hope that I have explained this in away that you can have the intellectual understanding. The deep understanding is up to each of us. Be still, the silence is calling. God is the silence, it is very deep — it is an immensity. Do not believe, find out for yourself.

Don’t think that you cannot do this everyone can. You are already this you just need to realize it. Watch your thoughts, they last just mil a seconds and they are gone, and we take them as actual life, they are not. I am not saying we should not use thought we should – however when we actually want too. The intellect allows us to see the limitation of the intellect. Going beyond is not an act of will, the mind and its consciousness is part of life, there are no divisions. Our thoughts have created divisions where none exists. 

It is incredible how simple it all is. We were conditioned by people that did not understand life. They invented explanations and in doing so reduced our existence to mostly petty nonsense resulting in immense suffering. It was not meant to be this way. Our bodies are vessels and they contain, the wondrous the eternal movement of conscious life. 

Our time has come, to awaken and leave the silliness behind. Be still and let the beauty, of life in.


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