Determinism and our True Nature!

This is the result of a discussion I recently took part in.

For the sake of a possible potentiality, let us say we agree that Determinism is tentatively  an accurate depiction of the state of human affairs, human life.  Now though, we have transcended thought, thereby melding with our true nature. We use thought when necessary in the same way we would use a wrench, as a tool to accomplish a task. We no longer live the illusion of a thought based reality. (things that can be determined) We now live directly with “what is”. Thought is silent, the mind is not separate from the energy that imbues the entirety of all that is, the universe. Now what has set determinism in motion, is seen for what it is, i.e.  a process in/of matter. Without matter there can be no thought. Thought is a process of matter, brain waves arise in the matter that constitutes our synaptic connections. That is where determinism operates. Determinism could NOT produce silence*, no-thing is being determined (in silence). Further the first moment of silence could not imbricate to more silence, (an absence of thought). However determinism could arise from silence, both as a concept and as a reality. In fact it has at least, conceptually. Thoughts arise without choice sometimes taking control, it is awareness that derails this activity. Is determinism something that thought is conjuring up or is thought itself and what is being thought all predetermined?  [Is] whether or not we answer this question predetermined? We must leave open the possibility that the answer is ” We do not know”. Not knowing seems a waste of determinism. What else of the unknown has been predetermined to evade our knowing?  Okay perhaps only knowledge/events are predetermined. Is it possible to find out if everything is predetermined? That would, of course be predetermined (if the theory is true) as would not finding out.  Even if all of our actions are predetermined we cannot as I said “just go sit in the corner”. We must live our lives doing what we think and feel we should be doing. So even if everything is predetermined we must act out our role. That is what we are doing playing a role and we know the lines perfectly, just not consciously. < ? (WOW FACTOR) Perhaps a more intelligent and analytical mind could clear this up for us!. (That depends right)  Or perhaps an enlightened being is one that has stepped out of the role. This aligns with my thoughts about, how silence cannot be determined (no content) and when we, start from the beginning (of time) it would appear that there would have to be energy and consciousness because without those there would be nothing too forecast, nothing to make a determination about. The point though is that something had to set determinism in motion and as conscious beings we can look at our fate and make a predetermined determination. This determination could be right or it could be wrong. We are stuck again, with not knowing. We are trying to find out if determinism is real and “finding out” or “not finding out may have been predetermined. If I find out that all my actions are determined then finding out has gained me, what? If I can not determine if I am predetermined then what have I gained?   Am I getting anywhere? Everything that has happened can not happen any other way because it has already happened. (obvious) It is only the present and the past that are predetermined the future isn’t – YET.  The determinism of “ the unknown” is problematic in that a monumental effort to compile data along with the intentional obstruction of data are necessary and  seemingly a  monumental and moronic waste of effort, trillions upon trillions of variables are at play. Why not just let the chips fall where they may? Hang in there I have a few more good points I hope! 

 The human mind has the ability to be silent (not just an absence of noise) This silence is the same silence that pervades the universe. It is comprised of an intelligent energy, this is our essence. I think/feel this to be true. – When our body dies, our essence remains, we are eternal and if determinism is actual then we are part of what set it in motion. An enlightened being has stepped out of the stream of thought based reality, all that is predetermined. The enlightened being is in tune with the ‘actual’ the timeless intelligent energy of creation.  (Stay with me)

How do we know that there is something beyond the process of thought (determined or not) therefor beyond the matter that makes thought possible? In other words ‘A’ “ground of everything”? Consider: Everything we see in the universe is finite in other words everything is transient, it has no independent existence. Having no independent existence it can not be all that, is. ( makes sense) Now if everything we do is predetermined, then we are really just machines and we can not make mistakes. ( mistakes are only contextual) This does not ring true for my mind and what we empirically observe. We have as a species made a grave mistake and that mistake is that we’ve taken our thoughts for the actuality of all that exists and existence itself. In making this mistake we have set in motion untold suffering through the inventions of religions, gods, nations, all kinds of isms. Much, much worse our mistakes have prevented us from uncovering what is actually true. And, we have divided that which is indivisible. The word individual means that which cannot be divided, and look at us, we are divided both internally and externally, ad nauseam.  We as humanity have made this mistake and the truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way. (key point) It is up to us to change this mistake and that rules out determinism. A decision is needed here,  and saying that if we do make a decision, to go right or go wrong, was predetermined then determination is subject to our making a decision. Again negating determinism. We need to make a conscious decision. Here we see unequivocally the need of awareness, an awareness that allows us to see the human condition exactly as it is. We are not aware of the actual severity of the human problem. We are beset with the notion that if we solve the problems that have arisen through our ignorance that somehow all will be well. We are failing to realize that the problems we are facing have arisen because we are not seeing things as they actually are. The decision we need to make is this “we must stop pretending that we know things that we don’t actually know.  A global population oblivious of the human condition is a disaster unfolding right here right now. Call it a wrong turn and it initiated from the the time when humans began to ponder their existence. We stay the course because we can not see anything beyond what our thinking has uncovered. It is not difficult to observe the limitation of our thinking along with its divisive nature. If we can come to understand that we are not seeing things as they actually are then it becomes possible to see into our true nature. Until now we have used thought for our identity and our actions. Thought cannot provide our true identity for a very simple reason. Thought is just a representation of the actual thing. Your thoughts about another person are not the actual person. So we see now that in order to see things as they are, our thoughts about things must abate. What will remain is life itself. Be Still!  Now something more profound, if we fail to wake up, then what set everything in motion will not be affected. We are not the reason the universe exists, we are a small part, a very small part of all that is. This to me is up lifting, putting us in our place. If we perish by our own hand the universe won’t even blink. Now there is something else, in the event that humans are here when Earth is engulfed by the sun (we did not become an intergalactic species) and we are enlightened then we will not fear our end. We will already be one with all that is, thus returning to our true nature,ending as a civilization, will be fine. A happy ending after all!

Now, [yes] Now is the key to all this. In truth there is no past or future there is only an eternal now. Time in part, is the movement of the eternal now, along what is called the “continuum”. Thought is creating an illusion, that is what thoughts are. Here is what is confounding about our illusion “it is real” taking place with-in the actuality of existence. Too meld with our true nature can only take place in the “now”. Thought projecting a me that is in the now is just a brain wave (the real illusion). “Now”, can not be experienced when thought is operating. If (the mind) can just be still then, what is, will transform us, ending the divisions that cause us to suffer. The Bible states it like this. Be still and know that I am god. Not quite how I would phrase it, however ‘Be still” is the message of an enlightened mind. The reason we suffer is because, thought operating from a base of ignorance has separated us from nature, all that is, god, call it what you like.

*  Deep silence, thought is still. Mind is.

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