A Brief History of Humanity!

How we got here on this planet is of course part of our history. It is an ongoing debate as to how this occurred. We have science and religions offering explanations, saying that you favor one view over the other puts you at odds with the opposition. These opposing camps are in themselves diverse and there can be civil discourses all the way to violent confrontations between them when trying to prove their point. These confrontations have become part of our history. Till this day if we are truly honest we will ultimately have to admit that no matter what evidence we’ve uncovered no matter what we believe, we still do not know the how and the why. Science has narrowed it down thus we are facing “everything from nothing”, but no how the transition occurred. Religions have faired no better they have whittled it down to “god works in mysterious ways”. The obvious state of humanity is “not knowing” and saying we know prevents us from looking further. In all honesty much of humanity’s tumultuous history has arisen out of disagreement over what we truly and honestly do not know. Institutions and countries have actually resulted from these divisions, the United States owes its beginnings to the Pilgrims who fled Europe seeking religious freedom. If we trace the history of many of our current nations you will uncover a religious foundation. 

Therefor it is a perfectly logical extrapolation in concluding that the basis of our global society is founded on structures that are the result of erroneous opinions. Our global history and current situation actually lend credence to this conclusion. We have endured thousands of wars with millions dead, starvation claiming millions more, all while we destroy the environment that sustains us. The stream of human consciousness is caught in a trap of its own making. We have turned reproducing into our raison d’ être, it gets worse. Once children are here we have nothing to give them except the world we’ve created in our ignorance. Our children are realizing that we are making more life without understanding it. We think we are advancing while our lives are becoming more arduous and stressful, which indicates we are oblivious. We are desensitized accepting the unacceptable. Until we recognize things as they are, do what you will. Nothing changes, our truth is “we do not know”.

The Divided States of America!

My fellow Americans: Those words no longer impart the all inclusive feeling that they did just a short time ago. What if anything is different about us than just ten years ago? Without a doubt the once robust middle class is shrinking and the divide between the haves and the have nots is reaching extremes. These are manifestation’s of what is happening to us. I think we must recognize the difference between being led and being manipulated. Our government is under the control of big money. Laws are actually written by corporations for the corporations benefit and put into effect by our legislature. Tax dollars are given to corporations for research  and then the corporations gouge the American consumer. We can no longer say “Our Government”.  Mark Twain said “it is easier to fool people than to get them to admit they’ve been fooled”  We have been fooled and we’ve been deceived. In truth there is little difference between us now than there was ten years ago. Yes there are extremist but they are always with us. 

The major difference today and what is fueling the divide is our leadership, and it is both major parties that have not only divided us but have solidified the divide. Party loyalty has superseded loyalty to the country, the people. Until this is rectified our situation will not only not improve it will worsen. The reason it will worsen is like an avalanche because the deteriorating situation has to be continually fueled with negativity. This is what our leadership is doing. Why would they do this? The objective is to hold power this allows access to the Treasury. It is that simple they are stealing our money. Real money billions of dollars are at stake. Leaders should unite the people they do not fuel the divisions. When things are going good you don’t see all this in fighting. Our attention is diverted and problems are being blamed on those that are not in any real power to cause the problems attributed to them. Election’s are not likely to bring the needed change, fortunately they are not our only option. Non violent force through demonstration will work only it must be organized. We should all do everything in our power to take back our government before violence is the only solution.

Bill Rogan, AKA Dung Teller

Acworth, NH 

Rush Limbaugh/ The Medal of Freedom!

If one is religious, then this conclusions follows. “God has had enough of Rush Limbaugh” Further if you listen to Mr. Limbaugh then God just might share this cancer with you or someone you care about. Time for Limbaugh to repent and apologize for leading the dim witted on their pilgrimage of idiocy. Amen! I am not religious, so I am just surmising as too how they might feel about Mr. Limbaugh’s condition.

The social cancer that is plaguing our country and the world for that matter didn’t just arise in the last few generations, no the seeds of anti compatible ism and a complete societal wrong turn have been with us from the very beginning. Mr. Limbaugh was astute enough to make a good living by appealing to our negative side and making hate appear to be normal. Hate however is not normal it is a distortion brought about in the human psyche through a lack of clarity.

Limbaugh could not have achieved the success he did in a world governed by decency. The medal of freedom award further solidifies our President’s deranged view of realty. I can also assure you that Mr. Trump is just acting out a role that his mind has contrived through his twisted concepts of what he thinks it means to be a human being. We have placed the leadership of our country into the hands of an imbecile, his administration and his party have abandoned logic there-by giving them leeway to forgo their sworn duty to serve their country. Every person that voted to acquit the president is openly guilty of aiding and abetting high crimes and misdemeanors. If the common citizen did this they would be apprehended and incarcerated. The Republican party with the exception of Mitt Romney is under arrest.

Dung Teller AKA Bill Rogan.

Letter to Ralph Nader.

This is a response to Mr. Nader’s “In the Public Interest”

Dear Mr. Nader,

Let’s face it, your ” In the Public Interest” seems to be falling on deaf ears. I think it is time to see that we are beyond words. “The pen is mightier than the sword” only if people can read or are inclined to do so. You are certainly astute enough to realize that many of the people that are supporting Trump were driven there by the Democrats. Our country is without a legitimate government and it is being held together by a very shaky framework. Force is the only thing that will save the country now, even if Trump is voted out of office the situation will not improve. Trumps removal will further divide the people and with the Democrats back in power corruption {as usual} will ensue. There is still a chance that force can be non violent, but I fear that chance is fading fast. We are in truth actually indebted to Mr. Trump for he is openly putting on display for all to see “the depths of depravity to which our government has sunk. He could not be doing what he is doing in a sane and honest government or society for that matter. 

It is is time for the American people to unite, creating a list of demands and then shutting the country down until those demands are met. You sir and people like you are our only hope. If we let fear stop us then we are lost and will be forced to live dystopian shameful lives.

Bill Rogan AKA DT

Killing Each Other!

On our planet where we consider ourselves to be intelligent and advancing as a species, there is a lot of evidence to dispute those considerations. For instance no one knows how many bullets have been fired by human beings for the purpose of killing other human beings. Consider that some machine gun crews during WWI accounted for the expenditure of a billion rounds. There are estimates that humans have fired at least 50 Trillion bullets at each other. I myself think the number is far greater than that. The estimates for the amount of humans killed in wars since organized killing became fashionable is as high as one (1) billion people. This number does not include the millions of homicides that have taken place since people began to interact (unsuccessfully) with each other. The fact that we can read this, become aware of it and not be shocked or appalled and do everything in our power to understand it so that it comes to an end, is nearly as disturbing as the actual killing, ISN’T IT? It should be, but it isn’t.

We have become so desensitized that we accept the unacceptable on a regular basis. The entire stream of consciousness in the United States has been distorted and it now appears that we have made a conscious decision to forgo logic. Our current leaders are doing what tyrannical leaders always do, that is, they divide the people so they can go about taking from the people unnoticed. Republicans and Democrats have sold out their constituents which means they are acting fraudulently in that they are in violation of their sworn duty to serve the people. What they are doing is far worse than just fraud because they are enabling corporations to take advantage of all of us. The government also provides money to corporations and those same corporations turn around and gouge the public.

With our propensity to kill each other I am wondering how long they (the government) think the people will stand for this? Of course the Obama administration made sure that the military can be used against the people. Before it comes to that I suggest we shut the country down along with a list of demands and shut it down until the governments does what it is supposed to do, and that is work for the people.


No Country for Anyone, Except the Wealthy.

See” Richard Wolfe/Bob Hennelly, Democracy at Work.

See” Richard Wolfe/Bob Hennelly, Democracy at Work.

The vicious circle of wealth. Wealth is basically attained by the few selling something to the many. Think of defense contractors making money by selling the government weapons. (paid for by all of us) When taxes aren’t enough or avoided to pay for war then the government borrows from the wealthy in order to buy weapons from them (the wealthy). The government and defense contractors have wisely spread spending through out the states thereby getting legislators and the people to support the wars.  The US as a single nation spends more on defense than the combined spending of the next ten (10) nations. According to a Gallup Poll the rest of the world sees us the United Sates as the greatest threat to world peace. This is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind nor is it the will of the people, our government is out of control in fact our government is not even a government, it is an oligarchy.


The United States has been at war in Afghanistan since 2001 and Iraq is a similar time frame. I am not going to talk about the loss of life, the worst aspect of these wars. (1) Do you know how these wars are being financed? (2) Do you know why we aren’t being taxed to pay for these wars as we go along? (3) Do you know why you don’t know the answers to these questions?

(1) The current wars are being paid for with borrowed money. Usually wars are financed by tax increases and government bonds.

(2) We are not being taxed for these wars because the tax increase needed to finance these wars would cause the American tax payer to protest. The financial burden for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is estimated to be at 6.4 trillion dollars and rising, interest payments alone are in the hundreds of billions.  Eventually these funds will have to come from the tax payer.

(3) You don’t know the answer to this questions because the US government doesn’t want you to know, and they passed an emergency resolution for funding etc. Very sneaky of them!

Who has money to lend to our Government? The wealthy of course. The war debt now must combine with the bailout of capitalism from the 2008 crash. The level of US debt is currently unprecedented and if companies that borrowed cheap money,  and people in upside down mortgages and our government all default on  this debt,  then our society will collapse.

 Consider that for 3 years in a row life expectancy in the US has gone down, if we were a developing nation the world bank would tell hey your not doing so well. Our current president took advantage of the worsening situation for the US citizens and won his job. He has accelerated our decline on every front. Forty four million Americans make less than 18K per year. These people are in a weak position and have no reserve for a steep economic down turn that is already hitting other countries. The Congress along with the entire government is run by imbeciles, cowards and petty thieves. History will show them as such. And history will wonder what were the people doing while their country was being destroyed from the inside. History will not show the US citizen in positive light., The US citizen will be shown to taking sides and fighting for the people that are destroying them. The leaders have divided the followers so the leaders can steal from all the followers. The perfect analogy of “The blind leading the blind.

Wake up America, we are running out of time.



The Impeachment!

If this impeachment process was going on in an asylum for the extremely mentally ill it would then be a plausible discourse. If the antics of our Government both major parties and independents included were taking place inside an institution that had to answer to somebody or was responsible to accomplish something then the entire staff would be fired. In some cases however some of the staff would be locked up for stealing from the origination. This government of ours is a disgrace and an embarrassment on the world stage and that takes some doing given the condition of our world. This entire situation is a fiasco and the participants are too dull and stupid to realize they are acting like buffoons and imbeciles on the world stage. The United Staes is in free fall and there is no one to pull the rip cord, except the American people. We must not wait for an election we must force these idiots out of our government. Yes our government. Right now our elections are just more of the same criminality. The politicians have gotten the idea that they can do whatever they want, continually making fools of the people. If you vote you are telling them that what they are doing is okay. A massive on going shut down is the only thing that will save us. Wake up America. I hope it is not too late. 

Bill Rogan AKA Dungteller.com

Trump doesn't Know what happened at Pearl Harbor!

We the people of the United States are without a government. Trump is an imbecile supporting an imbecile takes an imbecile. The Democrat’s are as much responsible for the country’s suffering under Trump as are the people that elected him. Our elected officials sold our government to the wealthy and it is always the middle class and poor that suffer and then have to save the country when the imbeciles take us to war or crash the economy. Wake up AMERICA.

Trump the Anti Robin Hood, stealing from the lower incomes to give to the rich!


I do not like calling people I know an imbecile, you may not be an imbecile but you may be acting like one, because you’ve been duped. Find out what Trump is doing and you will see that he is unfit for office.

US Elections nothing quite as STUPID!

I remember as a child when election time would roll around there would be a frenzy almost everywhere, political rallies, news rooms abuzz, ugly campaign signs plastered everywhere and the bars would close. We can’t have intoxicated people deciding who is going to run our government, can we.? People would cast their vote and then go to the bar “they weren’t really closed” you would go up and knock on the back door for recognition and entry. To me all this excitement about electing republicans or democrats or independents is analogous to to Jews in Germany getting all excited about the Nazi take over. Is this a distasteful stretch? Perhaps to some extent, but if you don’t think people are dying because of our elected officials you are misinformed and even oblivious. Getting excited and even hopeful about the outcome of our elections is the same as getting all excited about being held-up. Okay it is worse at least an armed robber isn’t pretending to care about you. So today instead of possible drunkards electing our government we have organized criminals from our courts and  corporate board rooms picking the contenders while billions of dollars is steered to the media to spread propaganda to the masses. Here is where STUPID comes in like an avalanche. How could anyone that is sane possibly think that the US government along with State and local governments has the peoples best interest in mind? The only logical conclusion is stupidity. Never have so many been so duped and so screwed by so few. Have no fear it will change simply because it has to, we cannot sustain the level of ignorance that our government has set in motion in every direction where the quality of our lives can be measured. We have been going in the wrong direction for many years and we are guilty of cheering on the people that have made us politically, economically and nationally more insecure than, than any society that can actually think – should find itself. Think about it, monkeys have a better social structure than humans. Bulletin, Bulletin orangoutangs bundle tree nest mortgages, forest chimps coerced into borrowing too much experience housing collapse, bailout ensues economy nearly collapses, orangoutangs get huge bonus, chimps pay for bailout. Never happen , only in America!


Look into what is going on, look away from mainstream media because they are driven by money not freedom. For many US citizens third world status is a reality. The people in Washington have sold out the country. They are the truly stupid among us. .