Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self!

Gods view is this, you and your neighbor are the same. God does not see or recognize a division. Now if you look at “Self Salvation” you will immediately become aware that you cannot and will not have self salvation until your neighbors salvation is just as important as your own. In trying to save our selves we have created a global disaster that unfolds and grows on an exponential basis. The false separation of self from the rest of humanity is the source of untold suffering and it will not end until you see you neighbor “all of them” in the same light as you see yourself in.

So you can stop wondering why the world is in a mess. Thus far we have all wasted our entire lives in  pursuit of self,  are you going to waste the rest of your life?  One of the most perplexing things about people seeking self salvation is that you have to argue with them about keeping their children safe because the seeking of self salvation has made our earth a most dangerous and unsafe place. 


A Clear Mind!

What is the Universe doing? Is it manifesting through us, it would appear to be so. The fact that life is a struggle is an indication that we have made a wrong turn. Instead of saying “we don’t know” early humans invented explanations thus condemning mankind to lives of “becoming”. We are becoming, in the sense of satisfying the invented creator or whatever, so we can gain heaven or some other better version of ourselves.. Why would the Universe manifest as beings, that face a life of struggle to understand something none of us have asked for.? This observation either means humans have got it all wrong or the Universe is whacko! Which do we think is more likely? A still mind is key, where all this nonsense is going on. So meditation is really thought seeing things as they are and the result is stillness. Don’t get hung up on anything, the mind is, stillness is, god is. We are hung up on the the concepts of right and wrong these concepts are the outcome of confusion a clear mind does not choose it acts. We aren’t there yet! We can override programmed reactions and choices that would require intelligence, we are not there yet!

This is DT on the road to ending confusion.

Folly of Belief! Rev. 12/01/19

I have made an effort to make this clearer.  Thanks, DT

We find ourselves in a situation that we do not understand, life itself, how it came about and if it has an ultimate purpose or meaning. We are honest about this up to a point. We admit that we do not know and this lack of knowledge is unacceptable for us. We then turn to a god, for humans there are many, [gods] usually though we are satisfied with the god we’ve been conditioned to believe in. The god that we believe in, is not the god the majority of humanity believes in. This happens to be true no matter which one of the five major gods you have chosen. Remember also that our past has a multitude of gods that have gone out of style. The people that believed in these outdated gods, believed just as strongly as todays believers, believe in their gods. Being a god for humans is not a guarantee of a secure position, as the creator. Now the reason all this ” believing in a deity”  is a destructive and contradictory waste of time is very obvious.The destructive part is easily seen by just looking at the daily news and or reviewing our history. The contradictory part is, even more clear. We believe because we don’t know! If “we believe” because “we don’t know”, then our lack of knowledge must also apply to what we’ve chosen to believe in, due to our lack of knowledge. Therefor the entire history of humanity which includes our current era is under the powerful influence of contradictory beliefs (many gods), which in truth, became gods due to our lack of knowing. And, common sense tells us that ‘many gods” is an oxymoron. All of this of course enlarges a simple axiom when it comes to understanding life and what it’s all about, humans will not accept the basic fact of “not knowing”. Let’s say, for the purpose of another look, that one of the major gods is the real god, this would not change anything. The majority would still be believing in their wrong gods. So the lack of clarity that causes belief is compounded by the real god not being able to make it clear, that (he,she,it) is indeed the real god. I don’t think that it need be pointed out that a god that cannot make itself clear isn’t much of a god. Since none of the five major gods has the ability to make itself clear, it becomes obvious that none of these gods are actual. To recap, through a lack of understanding, humans have made a choice not based on knowledge or facts as to how life came about. When placed under even mild scrutiny our reaction to our lack of understanding, is exposed as a clear demonstration of human incoherence. 

Knowledge about the thing it represents is obviously not the thing it represents. It seems that it is unnecessary to say that however we seem to be in need of being reminded. Our ideas about god are not god, and if you worship god then you are obviously worshiping your own ideas. Further, [for} the people that worship the same god as you, no two ideas of god are the same. For all of the other gods, that other people worship you, are an atheist. You get around the (idea worship issue) by saying you know that your ideas are not god, “I am worshiping god not my idea of god”. That is another way of saying that you do not know the god you worship, because you have admitted god is not the knowledge you have about god. You now are admitting that you are worshiping a god you do not know. Why would you worship something you do not know? Further now, can you see that this worshipping is serving you, god may not be interested in being worshipped. The only way you can deal with god is through a direct experience of god. We have seen, that knowledge/thought of god is not god. The question then becomes, is a direct experience of god possible and if so, how can it come about? Not through knowledge as we’ve seen. What is left? Mind! Can the mind be silent? (because thought cannot produce a direct relationship) Perhaps the mind  already is silent and it is thought that is moving. Forcing or making an effort to stop thought is more thought. Just be aware of thought, see that you are not choosing most of your thoughts. The stilling of thought must be natural because if it isn’t then it is unnatural, thought will grow quiet when we become aware of how our thoughts build the trap that it wants to escape from. Even understanding this intellectually is profound, because until now there was no possibility of seeing a way that we can be aware of the sacred the sacred that makes up our existence. We can be free but not as an idea. 

If we understood life, then we would have no questions, there would be no confusion. We would know, therefor, belief would serve no purpose. We have no need to believe that there is a sun and it shines, we know it. We only believe, when we don’t know. Therefor, we can see quite clearly that if we don’t know, then how can we possibly know, that what we choose to believe is true? Another way to look at this is that, we have chosen (what we believe in), in a state that lacks understanding and clarity, in other words confusion. Therefor you are really saying, that you believe because you are confused, then you say that you are no longer confused because what you’ve chosen out of confusion, has ended your confusion, this is confusion in motion. In short we’ve made a decision to believe and what to believe, from a state of not knowing, nothing has changed. You’ve gone from a state of knowing you don’t know, to a state of just thinking that, now you know. Understanding negates the need to believe, you may not as of yet understand life, but now you can understand why, to believe is folly. Just consider looking at belief like this, the stories are so incredulous that it requires faith to accept them, to believe. Nowhere else is this method of drawing conclusions, utilized (abandoning logic). If you were depositing a large some of money and the teller did not give you proof of the deposit you would not make the deposit, you require proof were money is concerned. Yet where your life is concerned you leave it to incredulous nonsensical and cruel mythology, never researching your tenets.  The reason for that is we want to feel we have  “truth” at any cost so we can feel secure and we actually ignore the real truth in order to feel that way (safe & secure). The truth is you do not know, yet out of desperation you’ve convinced yourself that all of a sudden for no apparent reason, you do know. Are you getting it? If you knew what you believed was true there would be no need to believe. Now we can’t ignore that believers do feel this way when it comes to what others believe. Only they know! What Arrogance! Can you truly look at the state of your world and your life and actually believe the love, intelligence and understanding of an omnipotent being (god) is playing a role? 

Again the point? If you knew what life was, how it came about and its purpose you would not have to “believe”. Of course you don’t know any of this so you believe what someone else has told you. Believing is an act of self contradiction, you are simultaneously stating that you know and don’t know. Religion has stymied creative people and wreaked needless suffering upon billions, only great ignorance would allow this.  And as further proof of your confusion, you will ignore what is logical and continue on with what is illogical, further verifying your confusion. Now consider this, an advanced civilization arrives on Earth and sees this self inflicted madness and the cruelty our faiths engender,  they may then decide that exterminating us would be an act of true compassion. Like squashing a suffering ant.

Shakespeare! With no Role!

All the world is a stage and all the women and men merely players upon it. Something like that I guess. Now imagine you are on the stage with no role to play. If roles are inclusive and all encompassing then some players are on stage and their role is to have no role. How do you play a part that has no lines, seemingly no purpose? Is the director without compassion or perhaps sadistic? You become frustrated because you have nothing to add no personal traits (except for doubt) from where personal input would arise? Certainly you feel ostracized because you can not be involved. Perhaps at times you watch the other actors around you and start to ad-lib? You wonder perhaps there is no casting! You may see that none of it really makes any difference, it is all just acting.The one certain thing you know is that you can not imagine what it is like to have a role, a solid ground, on which place your feet. You have become chronically self conscious because you are in a role that you are not equipped to play. You struggle and try to understand, it all seems meaningless. Roles or no roles, either way it is all just an act. However everyone else has a passion to play their part, at least they do from your perspective. You while on the stage, feel lost in this role, but that is not your role. It is a reaction to your role and the director should cue you to get back into the role of no role. Perhaps though even your reaction of pain and frustration is part of the act.  The curtain falls only when you die, you slip back stage out of view, you are shrouded in sorrow and despair, crying ensues resulting from the realization that there is no love in acting. To have no role and to be on the stage is the source of great sadness and sorrow, but to be on the stage and not know it is an act, is the the source of even greater sorrow, the sorrow of mankind. “To be or not to be that is the question.” Shakespeare is pointing out that, indeed the world is a stage and we are actors in a self-contrived tragedy. It is our lack of awareness that we are playing a role that makes the act a tragedy. Of course it does not have to be this way, (to be or not to be) unfortunately we think that not having no role equates to being nothing. This gives rise to a reality that seems so unreal — because it is. [CUT] It is as Shakespeare tells us, just an Act. Now the player with no role sees that his real “part” is to point out that it’s just a “Play” with various roles. Roles that are somehow mesmerizing, lulling the players to sleep. Now I’ve come to understand that we are all acting and that I have a part, one that I would have never auditioned for. And the most profound question presents itself, what is there, when the curtain is lifted and we remove the mask represented by the roles we are playing?  THE END!!


Our Propensity to be Right or Left is determined by Brain Structure!

A physical structure inside the brain determines how we, feel, act, react etc. This means that my logic is not my choice. A person therefor can act a certain way and the action may appear wrong to others this is also determined by brain structure. If people are reasonable, also determined by a physical structure in the brain, then they can have a dialogue and come to an agreement, this is also contingent on brain structure. Ultimately there is no right or wrong , in a fully developed brain (most humans do not have fully developed brains) there is only clarity, meaning there is no need for choosing there is only action. Choice and free will are inventions of the underdeveloped human mind.

DT, On the road to clarity!

Apple, Not the Apple of the Eye of Human Decency!

Apple assets total 365.7 Billion USD, pretty impressive. Even more impressive is that they pay their Chinese Sweatshop workers $3.15/hr. Tim Cook Apple CEO walked off with $15,000,000 that’s around $7,100.00/hr. . Tim Cook earns in one hour the equivalent of what 2,289, of his employees earn in one hour. That seems right to a Capitalist. Capitalism as practiced is just wonderful, wealthy people surviving via slave labor. It doesn’t have to be like this, the world is spiraling out of control billions of people on the edge of dystopia, while we fight amongst ourselves. Have you ever seen anything so stupid as what we’ve made of our lives and home?


Suing the US Congress in The Hague AKA The World Court.

A letter to ” On Contact”

I’ve been observing Chris Hedges for a while now and reading some of his books and I wanted to ask what he would think about suing the US Congress at the World Court in The Hague. He has brought cases against US administration’s. I imagine the crimes perpetrated by the Congress to be quite obvious yet I’m compelled to continue. 
We are talking about crimes against humanity and clear violations of the oath of office. Legislation has been passed or negated that clearly jeopardizes human life. Air is being polluted, patients are dying, wars are being waged, civilians are being bombed laws are being written that favor corporations and the list goes on. 
Perhaps the utter failure to have a workable and fair tax code, showing an obvious incompetence or more likely a beneficial contrived struggle is a clear demonstration of providing yourself with a purpose. The American electorate are naive and unfortunately not thinking critically about their government. 
As you are aware the recent report by the Trump administration’s DOT concluded that by 2100 global temperatures rise will make human life unsustainable hence the deregulation of clean air standards was a “it’s to late”  decision that they made for the entire planet. Clearly this was not their decision to make. This alone is a crime for the World Court to adjudicate.
Cleary the US Government is out of control and no longer serves the interest of the people. If they, meaning all the members of the Senate and The House of Representatives are not forced to leave office and make retribution by serving time in prison and doing public service then a total societal collapse is almost inevitable. In fact  a recent study and report by the US military staled the very same prediction. We are running out of time, these political charlatans must be stopped and brought to justice. There are some members of the Congress that are not blatantly criminals however their lack of objection’s to the direction of the government is a form of compliance.

DT in New Hampshire. 

The Bible, As Fake News!

If we are to believe the content of the Bible then the character known as Satan, the nemesis of even an omnipotent being, (what power) the very essence of diabolical evilness, may have pulled off the biggest scam in the history of mankind, god-kind or for that matter any-kind.

Here is how he (Satan) did it! In the same fashion that he swayed Eve to give up paradise, for of all things an apple (even when there were other apple trees in the garden). (What gullibility – what salesmanship) He (Satan) got into the minds of the biblical authors by promising them, that no matter how bad or good they behaved on Earth, (good people that slip up, do go to hell along with people pretending) that when they got to Hell, he would assure them, that they were engulfed in eternal pleasure. No matter what they desired they would be unrestricted, unlike when and if they arrived in heaven, where certain acts where off limits because they were considered to be deviant. No questions asked totally unrestricted pleasure. Well as you can imagine Satan’s hell was sounding better, a lot better than gods heaven. So; a deal was struck but there was a bit of confusion as to what the devil expected and just how his scheme would be presented. Satan kinda rolled his eyes at these holy wizards and stated “look it’s simple the bible is the book that contains the word of god and it’s purpose is to save mankind from the sin. That would be the sin I coerced Eve into committing back in the garden”. (Yes god has condemned everyone for Eve’s sin)”However, now pay close attention because this is tricky, because – since I am the true author, the purpose of the bible is to ensure that everyone winds up with me instead of winding up with his eminence, you know the Lord. Mark clearing his throat says “how in the name of god, oh sorry, are we supposed to make a book that is supposed to save people, be the book that ensures people are condemned”? Satan says “the first lesson I will teach you, is to disable the intellect so that no matter how absurd this books gets, it is folly to question the word of god. Tell them God works in strange ways. If that doesn’t do it, then tell them to doubt just one thing, will send them to hell for ever. Once reasoning is disabled the rest is a slam dunk”. Mark and company don’t recognize the term “mumbling ensues”  because basketball is a long way off, Satan notices and rephrases, “the rest is a piece of manna”. Again blank stares, “just write it that way okay.”  “Sure, sure” the boys respond in unison.

So with pen in hand the plot begins to be laid down.  Shortly though grumbling turns to cursing and quills are hurled to the floor. Luke (not his real name) says “This is really frustrating, make it look like we are saving them but ensuring their condemnation” John says ‘revelation check this out, hey Luke what is the name of that town over by Gomorrah named for Butt humping”? “You mean Sodom”Luke says. “Yeah that’s the place”.

John says to Luke, “What do you think of this? We say that this is a sin, make it look like god hates homosexuals even though he made them, Mark interrupts “who the hell is going to believe that?” Satan says  ” You’ve forgotten already, we’ve disabled their intellect” ” Oh right sorry Satan” “now you’re  getting it, go ahead John speak”, “The dim wits will believe anything to save themselves. So god hates the homo’s, the 87 % that aren’t turn on the 13% , that are – thus insuring that hate will ensue and the suckers will never love thy neighbor’s as themselves, slam dunk right, Satan?” Matt says “you haven’t addressed the 20% that entertains the idea of being a homo” John says we got it covered in the impure thought’s addendum  and off to hell with them”. ” Now your going to hell for what you think, that should drive the believer nuts” Luke asks “how is this helping, to [not] save people.”? John says” simple I’m not choosing my desires and when we convince people that this is a sin it turns to self loathing which turns to anger and then for some, violence explodes, which leads to hurting or killing others, something the man up there doesn’t like” Bingo!

Satan looks at John, ” I am beginning to like you” John blushes! Mark not to be outdone in vying  for Satan’s kudos,  “Okay guy’s I’m onto it”, Satan lifts his left brow and nods, “well go ahead then.” “God plays favorites” Satan yell’s “that’s it” the others cheer because they see, this will lead to their guarantee of an eternity in hell and their Satan promised eternity of pleasure. Satan asks “a little elaboration. please Mark” Well god will ignore all the other people he created and only speak to the  Israelite’s” “Good choice John says they are the most backward and superstitious that I know, we’ll circulate a pamphlet telling them that they are the chosen people”. Satan ” they aren’t reading yet”   Mark,”got it covered enter the prophet” More spontaneous cheering, even Satan claps. Mark finishes up by saying ‘We’ve  effectively put a division where non exist thus ensuring eternal conflict and strife.

And it came to pass that murder and mayhem would stay with men for as log as they existed. Not to mention ignorance in perpetuity. God till this very day remains befuddled that his creation has run amuck. He knew from the outset that humans had to have the power to think and choose, he never thought they could be so easily misled. He shakes his head everyday hoping that enough people will see what is really going on. “How could anyone take that stupid book the bible as my word”? “They think I’m a murdering baby killing sadistic monster”. “And that I play favorites and love only a select few”.

“I don’t know how but they are dumber than original dumbness”.” Evolution, I guess.”  “Forgive them father for they know not what they do”.” These religious zealots are giving God a bad name”.  And the author’s,  till this day are having a grand time in hell, and yes it gets pretty kinky at times. Amen!!

Making America Not So Great!

While US citizens rally around their candidates, the people they want running their government, it turns out that the electorate is cheering on the very people that are making their lives more and more difficult. This irony also takes shape with the realization that instead of the quality of life advancing it is digressing for the average citizen. So much for the modern age. For many dystopia has arrived and for many more it is just around the corner.

Make America great again. It won’t be easy because it is the government that is at the center of the US’s slip toward third world country status. Think not; consider these alarming statistics. 

The US ranks # 34 on life expectancy out of 144 countries. 

Here is where we stand on other critical issues. #41 infant mortality, # 58 Primary education, #28 overall education, #47 in Math & Science, # 42 labor/employer cooperation, # 34 Government corruption, # 42 Govt. bribes, #54 trust in politicians, #76 Govt. waste, # 136 Debt as percentage of GDP, # 14 on availability of latest technology, # 24 Internet access, # 69 effective taxation, # 103 total tax rate, # 47 on procedures to start a business. We are rapidly declining, because the Govt. has ceased to function, and the citizens have all been duped. We are caught in a storm of ignorance and there are no easy fixes. One thing is certain, we are not going in the right direction.

This lockstep march to dystopia is only possible because the people are letting it happen. An election will not fix this. The American society is unfolding as one would expect a society run by stupid morons to unfold. An intelligent species would not be in our current situation.

Wake up! For your own sake!  DT

Another Attempt at Clarity through Freedom of the Will!

 The essence of this post:

“The “self” a mental projection, is being created [juxtaposed] against the entire universe and everything in it, which in turn creates a division – where none actually exist. This means that there can be no freedom or freewill until the false projection, of a ‘self” existing separate from the universe comes to an end”.

” This is something beautiful, seeing truth, we do not need to fix our problems we need to stop creating them”.

” We all represent a ripple on the surface each ripple contributing to the tidal wave of ignorance”. 

We are free to choose but we are not free to choose what we choose. Sometimes! When we ask why we chose something – who is it that we expect to answer? If we knew why we chose something we would not be asking the question. Think about where the “true” answer come from! Why we like a certain style of something while others prefer a different style, demonstrates easily a choice we seemingly have little control over. The style appeals to us because we like certain aspects, “why” ultimately this “why” will go unanswered. I think perhaps that the understanding lies in diversity. Nature has done a fair amount of programming, think of an animal blending into its surroundings, utilizing camouflage for self preservation. Animals do not make this choice concerning their appearance. All this programing indicates that nature operates as a whole rather than as through separate entities.

Whether or not we are responsible for our actions, we will still be held accountable, knowing that will make most people”not take another life” even though they might want too. So here, you are choosing and you know why. This is just one example of choosing and knowing why. It however does not demonstrate being free, here is why. The key to “free’ – lies in the word “from”. From is a contingency and as long as the contingency exist, then the state of actual freedom is impossible, because freedom is relying on something and that is an oxymoron. So the question is this: Is there a part of consciousness that is not influenced by knowledge? ie, Unencumbered Freedom. (of course freedom is unencumbered) The reason we must put this question is because every possible circumstance we encounter automatically produces the contingent “from”. Hence if there is no such “space” then the question (do we have free will?), will be debated until human consciousness comes to an end. You cannot understand what you do not have. Being free to ask why you choose what you choose doesn’t mean you are free. Knowing why you choose something ( to avoid punishment) is still  not freedom. (There’s a [from], there) Having a choice is actually – in some cases a sign of confusion, because when your mind is clear you do not choose, you act. The mind is ( Tabula Rasa) the unconditioned mind, what is mind when thought is quiet? Until we understand that (if we can understand that) then the question is this. Is it even possible for a human to have free will? And this of course means with-in the context of the human dimension. To clarify, we are asking, is the human mind capable of being in a state where the, minds consciousness – has free will?  And we are asking this because as it now stands our definition of “free will” encompasses a state where our freedom relies on something thus producing a psychological contradiction.  With all of what was just said it seems clear that we are not free, however it may be an indication that it is thought that can never be free. I am saying this because ultimately if we did not have the possibility to go wrong, or to go right (a choice) then we would simply be machines. We are not machines, and life certainly does not have to be the constant state of conflict we live in, manifesting through over 5,000 wars with millions killed, while millions more have died from starvation. All this taking place while we are actually living in conflict with the very [nature] that sustains us. We are not being forced to live like this, and this activity is proof positive that we’ve made a wrong turn, so that means that a right turn is possible. It is not that we’ve made a wrong turn in the past and we are suffering the consequences of a past mistake, the wrong turn is constant. Consider that if we made a right turn it would not be static it would be constant, and we would continually reap the benefits of going right just like we are constantly struggling against the negative aspects of going wrong. So it is clear, that it is with-in our power to go right or wrong. The question then is this, what is the wrong or right turn and is it really a choice? I am unfolding this as I go along, perhaps it comes down to seeing clearly. Can we see what it is, we are doing that would constitute a wrong turn? Perhaps we make the wrong turn because we are not seeing things as they actually are. When the mind is clear then it doesn’t choose it acts. This leads me to say that going right is the result of clarity while going wrong is the outcome of confusion. Isn’t this a profound thing to understand, even without the understanding of what it is that constitutes the wrong turn. Can we see, what is it that clearly demonstrates our confusion? The simple act of observation demonstrates humanity’s confusion because the world we all create is hardly the outcome of clear thinking. Repeating, millions dead from wars, starvation, pollution,  constant conflict etc. 

What is the wrong turn? What is it that every living being on Earth is doing right at this moment and what is the center of that activity?  Remember we are constantly making the wrong turn, it is taking place right now, in every mind on the planet. 

Obviously we are all thinking and we are all thinking through a center we call ‘self”. The reason nothing ever gets, set right once and for all, is because when thought arises to fix things it has the cause of the problem built into it. Yes the self, intertwined in our thought process is our problem. The “self” a mental projection is being created [juxtaposed] to the entire universe and everything in it which in turn creates a division where none actually exist. This means that there can be no freedom or freewill until the false projection of a self existing separate from the universe comes to an end. Can we see that this observation is like nothing we’ve ever contemplated? All of our solutions to fix our problems are rooted in self achievement, self satisfaction, self salvation even self sacrifice. Religious, political and national efforts to improve our lives have not only failed to solve our problems they are the cause of most of them. Seeing the “self” as cause ( the actual truth) of humanities problems doesn’t cure the problem it prevents the problems from arising in the first place. This is something beautiful, seeing truth, we do not need to fix our problems we need to stop creating them. This puts us on the precipice of being in tune with nature, the universe and the movement of creation. 

In other words when the self is gone so are all our problems. The self is not actual it is a mental image that is no more the real person than an image of an actor, on a movie screen is the actual actor. The notion of self does indeed serve a purpose, it allows us to interact with our surroundings, we need it to function, it is like software. Thinking has turned the (self) from software into our hard drive. This thinking has become habitual and making matters far worse is all the problems set in motion though the actions of this fictitious (self) reality. Even after the self is explained we still see this explanation through the self. Asking how to end this, is still the self. Yet it must end! It is actually very simple, it is thought that is muddling it up. The mind is in a natural state, – seeing the role that thought plays, in everything, is the beginning, – and if we see it clearly, it also the end. Do not move away from this insight. Of course we will because thought is running and we are not in control of it. It has become the “From” Seeing the trap verifies the wrong turn which also verifies the “right turn” Is this just a bunch of nonsense or is it what it seems, and that is a viable explanation for the way things are and why we can never make things right? No one can answer that for you, which indicates the important role we all share in being human. It tells very clearly that we are responsible for the way things are, our world is a reflection of us, and right now that reflection is in turmoil. We all represent a ripple on the surface each ripple contributing to the tidal wave of ignorance. Yes we (as selves) are the problem which also makes us the solution. 

If humans did not take a wrong turn, there would have been no wars, no people dying from starvation, no pollution and there wouldn’t be nearly eight billion people to miss the point of existence. How can there be individualism when every single person on Earth is doing the exact same thing? Every person is living out their lives in a very narrow field of consciousness centered and revolving around the fragmented notion of a self. To be fully alive as an individual, each one of must see that we are part of the movement of life. In a way we are just like birds or fish all turning in unison as individuals  taking part in the collective movement of life.