US Approaching 3rd World Status!  Follow the link And consider what the Trump administration and the Republican party are doing to our experts in many fields. The experts are being let go! Making America fall behind in many important areas that not only effect the economy but also contribute to the diminishing quality of life for most Americans. Many long time conservatives are leaving their Party. The saying around the world is that America is approaching 3rd world status and the Republicans in cahoots with the wealthy are destroying our country. Democrats have also sold us out however the Republicans have lost their minds. I am not advocating being a democrat because our government has  ceased to function as a voice of the people no matter what Party is leading. The government has betrayed the citizens and we are spiraling down toward third world status for some they are already there. History will record this period as the dark times, when moronity ruled.


Buying back our Government?????

The government of the United States has gone to the highest bidder. And now to make things right the average citizen’s must unite their funds to buy it back. There is something innately wrong with this. The government, because it is run by people of the lowest caliber is the reason it can be bought and sold in the first place. The people that need money too do the right thing are the wrong people and they are incapable of doing the right thing. These people are so ignorant they have no idea of the shame they bring to themselves and humanity as whole. We need to remove the influence money has on the people that run our government. It would be a simple process to make this happen. Candidates would reach out to the public via a system that would distribute funds equally to enable platform dissemination.

What Next?

It would come as no surprise if we went to war and lots of people were killed and maimed. And the VA would find excuses not to care for the wounded.  It would be no surprise that millions are starving to death. And I, along with many others have pleaded for all the pain to stop. Yet I know it won’t, we are a hapless and helpless lot. One gets tired, feeling bad about all the pointless suffering. Billionaires afraid of giving up a small portion of their wealth to help others. The environment is in its final stages of being able to support human life. You name it we’ve done it, destroy, kill, starve, what madness, but now in the name of all that is decent we’ve gone too far, sunk too low, pulled the last arrow from the quiver of human decency. 

 Yes the Oreo double stuffed cookie is not, dare I say a true double stuffed cookie! And at the heart of this tragedy of tragedies is Capitalism. Go ahead I dare you to say that you aren’t leaning toward, out right socialism. How long until the “Big Mac” is the “Little Mac”? Are we far away from 3rd class flight’s with passengers strapped to the wings and fuselage? Don’t laugh. 

It has been rumored that Carnival Cruise’s is considering Raft’s for what they call Floats instead of Cruises. They are mounting an ad campaign touting even the Hoi Polli (the poor) deserve a break. Pricing will reflect the passenger’s (floater’s) level of poverty. 

The Trump Administration has announced plans to shrink Yellow Stone National Park. The Park formed in 1872 occupies 3,473 square miles or 2.2 million acre. Plans are to reduce its size to a more manageable 10 yes, that is ten acres, to be patrolled by one (1) part time Ranger. The remaining land will be divided up between energy companies and Hot Spring Spa’s for the 1percent. Kellyanne  said the Spa was open to all she failed to mention the $5,000.00 a night rate. Trophy Grizzly hunts, will be put up for bid with proceeds benefiting the Trump and Clinton foundations. In case you are not aware .00001 of all funds raised goes directly to charity. 

In America and I do mean the USA depending on what study you choose, there are 43, to 100 million people living in poverty. Being prone to the use of irony I am inclined to say. That’s just Great! America!

DT, wondering just what it will take for people to say they’ve had enough. It does appear that we’ve become complacent, the hole we’ve dug for ourselves is perhaps the deepest we’ve ever looked out of.  People are so frustrated and confused they are drawn toward solutions that history has demonstrated can never work. The difference now is that there is no AMERICA to save the world. 

Overcoming the Myth of Spiritual Awakening!

                            Overcoming the Myth of Spiritual Awakening! 

I am this, I will become that, and I will accomplish this via a method, a practice some form of meditation, listening to a guru the list goes on. If any of these approaches worked the rarest people on the planet would be the “unenlightened” we’d all be “The Buddha”.There is a simple reason why no methods will lead to a spiritual awakening and it is, that the achiever is an idea and the goal is an idea and an idea being a wave of mental energy cannot experience, arriving at a goal. This of course is nothing new, with the exception of synaptic connections your physical being and mental being will not be altered in any way via becoming through a mental projection. Talents, titles, abilities or letters behind our names does not alter our being. It may alter the way we and other’s think of us but that is superficial like putting on make-up. Yes you may have stored learned information in your brain but you have not become anything beyond a warehouse. Of course I am not proposing that we stop becoming trained professionals. However it is a factual statement to say that, if you think you are becoming spiritually awake through an effort originating in the self then your mind is not seeing, what is actual. There are no paths therefor no instructions to attain what you are seeking. Simply put the actual movement of existence cannot be breached by conceptualizing about breaching the actual movement of existence. 

Now to be clear this does not mean in any way that there is no such thing as being awake spiritually. There is a Buddhist lesson where the master is on the other side of the river and the novice is asking [how] he can get too the other side and the master replies “there is no how”. It sounds like gobbledygook, yet it isn’t in fact it is very simple. It is the self that wants to cross over and the self being a mental projection cannot cross over. Yet we must crossover. If we take away the self then, there is nothing to move from here to there. We must be clear that the self is a projection of the mind, it allows us to interface with our surroundings, yet that projection is  no more you than your thought’s of a tree are the real tree. Hence the myth status of being spiritually awakened. Thinking about eating when you are hungry will not sate’ your appetite just like the thought’s of being spiritual awake will not sate’ your desire. 

No one has ever been converted to being spiritually awake, it is in no way an organizing of any kind of information. Well then what is it, what is a spiritually awake person?  When a particular mind melds with the universal mind a spiritual awakening has taken place, also called our true nature. This transition takes place in meditation not a purposeful meditation, rather it is meditation, as an outcome from the mind seeing the limitation and function of thought. Obviously, though something has to change: Mind is churning away thoughts are arising much of the time without choice, these thoughts create more thoughts and feelings. We are obviously not in control of our mind. So we then say let us take control of our mind. The implication is that there is a separate entity that will take control of the mind and in actuality there is only the mind.  Awareness is key, and staying aware is an arduous task, thought keeps moving away. We can not decide to stop this mental process and force it into submission, because there is only the mind. There is only awareness there is no “I” that is aware, this is why there is no “how”. Being aware of this process is a start, staying present through breath and identifying thoughts as they arise and not getting caught by them is crucial. If we are to transform then it can only happen in the here and now, something you or no-one else can make happen, simply because we are already in the here and now it is our thought’s that are blocking, what it means to be in the here and now. We are not actually fully alive if we are not living firmly planted in the “now”.  

This is DT, reminding us all that waking up is free, being asleep is expensive. 

Zombie Apocalypse, The Un-rapture and the American Landscape.

 Zombie’s R-Us. 

Picture if you will, an entire race of beings who’s sole purpose is the gratification of primal urges, and [needs] that have arisen through an illogical view of life, demonstrably unencumbered by the clarity of healthy minds. Their original distortions are causing subsequent problematic distortions leading them to a  self perpetuated loop of cause and effect. That is to say, they cause themselves to suffer and their attempts to abate their suffering, just causes more suffering. Zombies are indeed the personification of the “idiot”. They are, so depraved, that they fail to recognize that it is their own deviant behavior, that threatens everything they purport to hold dear, including nature, the land and themselves and their children. What seems to be a highly organized effort toward self destruction,  isn’t, it is rather the dubious outcome of a global population acting under the farcical auspices of a collective moronity. A population of mesmerized morons, a hoard of willful obscurants. Oh, there are at times, flicker’s of mental illumination but they are quickly squelched and overwhelmed by a deeply seated and obsessive self centered ignorance. And yes,  there is creativity making one hopeful that the veil of ignorance is lifting, alas this creativity only confounds the Zombie and its state being. 

They have their gods but fail to see the irony of gods that act according to their ideas of how an omnipotent being would behave, i, e god takes part in their war’s, ethnic cleansing, and the blatantly delusional and twisted slaughter of babies, children and animals, making their gods cruel vindictive lunatics. Their religions make outlandish claims and the Zombies never even looked into or questioned their beliefs to see if they are sound. They have accepted these really absurd ideas like a toddler accepts a magical rabbit that brings baskets full of chocolate. They sacrifice their children for something they never took the time to look into, proving conclusively their Zombie nature. Perhaps the most incredulous thing that they believe, is that they are individual zombies, when in fact, they are all doing the exact same thing, being mindless zombies.There is not one iota of individualism in any of their actions. Individualism would only arise through the recognition, that ultimately life is one unified movement. If there is a [worst] of all aspect to the Zombie dystopia, it may be that they mindlessly reproduce, thereby exponentially increasing the Zombie and [its] ignorance.   

Can Zombies ever wake up? It seems unlikely because Zombies are unaware that they are Zombies. Studies into the Zombie ignorance, finds that “The Zombie is totally unaware of its own ignorance”. These irrefutable findings, were of course ignored and swept under the rug by the Zombies. This, then seems like a total loss of the entire Zombie population. It seems that one of the Zombie Gods, supposedly responsible for millenniums of their dystopian existence would take it upon itself to intervene. This of course cannot happen for these gods arose out of the Zombie confusion, manifesting, in what was their attempt to explain Zombie existence. Is that it then, the Zombies will exterminate themselves through violence or just plain stupidity? Perhaps not. Why? Well a Zombie wrote this. Perhaps what appears as impenetrable thick skulls are like the Zombies, flawed, meaning their skulls are cracked (figuratively), and in this instance that is a good thing. Yes the cracked skull may let in a flicker of light.  I will never give up in my quest to make the Zombie, see that “once a Zombie not always a Zombie”

                                           Zombie Conundrum, the Un-rapture  the Non Kairoi!

 The Zombie’s actually thinks, that the Zombie god will rapture them into, Zombie Paradise so that “his omnipotence” will be subjected to spending eternity in the presence of morons? Only a mindless idiot could fathom such a bizarre notion, this is indeed the Un-rapture of the Zombie.


Harsh words, but very mild considering that while I wrote this, children died for gods, wars raged killing our young, bombs were built, more and bigger wars are looming. Our effort to be secure, has made us all more insecure. We are making a tremendous effort and getting exactly what we don’t want! This is all indeed, mindless nonsense and only a real Zombie would attempt to justify it.

Dung, spreading the word about the dung of the Zombie!

PEE S: The Zombie’s don’t know they are Zombie’s because they are brainwashed, that is easy to understand because not knowing you’re programed is what brainwashing is. Adult Zombie’s program baby Zombies without being aware of what they are doing. 

WeAre Made Of !

                                                            We Are Made Of!

With the exception of sunlight and impacts from comets and meteors, everything we are made of, (matter) was here when the Earth formed, formed out of the cosmos. We are recycled from primordial energy. Sun light allowed for the matter to leap, to a self aware conscious life form. All matter is energy, this (primordial) energy is as old or perhaps from our perspective older than the universe, regardless this energy is, the universe. Of course all of this is really academic. Yet we very rarely think of this, we are so caught up in our daily lives or trying to understand what living is and how it came about. Well, we may never know or understand how this energy (if it did)* came to be and why it has manifested, as us. Yes, we are the energy. One thing is certain the energy is responsible for a transition in itself, a transition that created beings that are self aware. Given the complexities of the processes in which the energy made this transition, intelligence, out of necessity, imbues the energy. The energy did not create something separate from itself, that would not have been possible. (Everything is energy) All notion’s of separation (between us and the energy) have arisen in the conceptual thought process of human’s, as a result of their unsuccessful endeavor to explain their own existence.   

What I think we are missing is our opportunity to awaken, to see what is actual. Consider that the energy that is responsible, for all that – is, was and ever will be – is right now, manifesting as you. This is an incredible thing to realize, knowing it intellectually as an idea is, one possibility. Is there another way to have awareness of this understanding? Perhaps a direct insight similar in the way we respond when we see the beauty in nature or when we respond to an act of love, something though, that touches the deepest layers of our consciousness. 

 If we choose to face the factual truth, of not being aware of our true nature, we in turn are faced with an existence where there is nothing to believe, nothing that is somehow in contradiction to what others believe. Yet, in not realizing our true nature the chaos of our lives past and present looms large, a chaos that arises from our inventing explanation’s, as to our true nature. Thus setting us, out on a journey, that is diametrically opposed to the simple yet immense  truth that we are the energy and we are not separate from the universe. We wander through our lives creating divisions where none exist and then we go to war over our imaginary divisions.. Further understand, the energy, knew – that it was not creating machines, therefor it had to allow us to have the possibility of a wrong turn, and that is what has happened. This wrong turn, resulted in a race of beings on the precipice of self destruction.This outcome of getting life wrong, is manifesting through the culmination of thousands of years of wars, mass starvation’s and planetary destruction. This is not the way it is supposed to be! We have missed, the point, we have taken the sacredness of all life and reduced it to an utter nonsensical quest for self aggrandizement and self serving egotistical pettiness. If we, are at all sensitive, then perhaps we can see that even our immense stupidity and ignorance is a pointer to something else. ( given a choice, we chose wrong)) People are under the impression that as a society we are advancing, instead we have been spiraling downward from the first moment when people began to think they were separate and perhaps even above nature. This concept of advancement flies in the face of the history of human self inflicted global suffering. Yes there are advances in technology yet even these under scrutiny have mainly resulted in negative effects. Today most of us walk the earth (under threat of nuclear annihilation) with advanced cell phones that were made by people with near slave wages, payed to them by companies with billions if not trillions of dollars in assets. This is not advancement this is a society that still maintains (governmental and societal sanctioned) slavery. Look at the politicians running the government of the United Sates, people acting like imbeciles and buffoons to support a political party instead of doing their sworn duty, of serving the people. The entire population of the planet is in lockstep with the continuation of the spiraling down, [of] the human potential. In spite of all this negativity there is always the possibility of the right turn. This will require a different source of action, something that does not emanate from self centered activity. ** How?

The mind is the gateway and the mind in silence is in the natural state of the energy, this is what  “ we are.” In his book on mindfulness Thick Nhat Hanh directs our minds toward the simplicity of ” just doing what we are doing no matter what the task. If your are not present in the moment (the only thing that actually exist) then we are incapable of actually living”.This is so simple yet we miss it. The most important thing is cast aside in our effort to become something when we are clueless as to what we are “right now”. Yes we must see the necessity of silence where the mind is already in a state of meditation. Our lives, our survival is dependent on us doing something entirely different because the path we are on is hurting, all of us. We have been desensitizing ourselves to our own misgivings and, (we may have gone too far). Without seeing what is actually going on we will destroy life on Earth or render it, not worth being here. We are from moment to moment, getting closer to that, and it is, a quite unnecessary outcome. 

* Time and space as we know are intertwined, space/time. Space itself in my nonscientific opinion is a form of matter, our gaseous atmosphere occupies space this space comes about as a result of a process in energy. Everything at some level is linked together. When energy forms matter the concept of time arises with it, (matter) Therefor, (tentatively) there must be something out of time, so I say “if it came to be” In other words “always existed” may be a timeless aspect of energy.  As I’ve said before there may be a continuum a moment by moment creation that gives the appearance of time yet there is only an eternal now. Energy coming in wave packets are not an even flow, it is just happening faster than we can perceive it, so it appears continuous to our senses.  What is the source of this energy? The Unknown! Meditation is the threshold to the Unknown!

**  Love is that source of action. What humans call love lacks what love means, “love is infinite care” . 

Losing Your Right’s as an American Citizen.

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbids the use of the US military as a police force against its own citizens. This act was overturned by the Obama administration. Law suits that challenged the administration were eventually lost and Section 1021 of the National Defense Act became law with the full support of the Congress, yes democrats and republicans think that the military can be used to control the citizens and to hold them indefinitely without due process. 
The government is in the process of taking away the rights of the people and they know that the people will protest and perhaps even rebel, so the need for the military to squash these reactions to government corruption is self evident.  People are being imprisoned for exposing the the governments abuse of power, and it war crimes. Yes our government in the name of the American people is involved with killing the innocent people in other countries around the world. 
The United States now ranks near the bottom of all developed countries for all the important measures of the quality of life. The government is allowing corporate America to write legislation taking our rights and driving many Americans into poverty. President Trump recognized all this and used the peoples disgust with their government to gain power and now that he has it, he has accelerated the process of government socialism for the wealthy. He must be removed from office and a temporary leader installed until the constitution and the laws rewritten in a way that serves all the American people. 
It is time to start yelling and taking to the streets, telling every person in government that this must stop.    Somehow we must organize and force them to listen. 

Get a list of all your representatives and send them e mails join a group, form new groups, take the power from the wealthy and their puppets.

The Five Components of the Zeitgeist! And, the Fleecing of the Taxpayer!

We have the Government, we have the Banks, we have the Media and we have the People, and last but certainly not least we have the Wealthy, or should I say they have us. The wealthy control the government so they have everything the way they want it. The banks run by the wealthy are the vehicle for the wealthy to fund their desires on a global scale laundering money for criminal organizations and corrupt foreign governments. The reason the people do not have a clue as to what is going on is that the media is also controlled by the money. If any thinking person knew the entire story then they could not support any member of any political organization.

The government does not act in the best interest of the American people, so it is not really a government, it is a puppet act and the propaganda machine has the public completely duped and fighting among themselves. Our country ranks near the bottom ( of the major economies) in almost every major area measuring the quality of life. Our so called government is a criminal organization and there is not one citizen that hasn’t been hurt by its policies. We need to have a (non violent) revolution because they are beyond listening, their senseless bantering and meaningless dialogue, have rendered themselves not worth listening to, they are out of control kowtowing to the rich, and are embarrassingly sycophantic. Do you want to hear more? Then consider this, the wealthy devise a plan making billions of dollars, the plan ends up nearly collapsing the entire global economy, because it’s a scheme many people lose their homes and the government bails them (the wealthy) out with the taxpayer’s money. Do you get it? The government bails out the criminals with more money from the victims. Then the wealthy give themselves bonuses (why) for the best ever so far fleecing of the taxpayer, I guess. Have you ever heard of such insanity? Do not support people that rob you and have no intention of supporting you. Wake up, wake up, wake up.!

Imminent Collapse of The Government!

I am not sure just when the people, the citizens of our country lost their government however it is blatantly obvious that we no longer have a government serving all of its people. There are many very astute thinkers that feel our countries collapse is imminent. The politicians are more concerned with maintaining power because there they can bleed the people more effectively, their strategy has thoroughly divided the electorate resulting in garnering support from the very people they are mistreating. Lying and deception are so common place it is virtually a waste of time to have dialogue. The government along with business interest have produced a state of anarchy there by fostering a nihilistic response to existence. It is going to get much worse unless we can free ourselves from the grip of government for the few. Wake up America!!